Merry Christmas


Planned Parenthood

7 December 2004

 The Planned Parenthood Federation of America is back again with its Christmas Death Wish, the grim twist on the biblical message of Christmas.
America’s leading abortion chain is once more selling its "Choice on Earth" holiday cards. The card has the words "choice on earth" on its cover.
You can learn about it by visiting Planned Parenthood's website, If you decide to buy the card, you have a choice of a blank page
 on the inside or the following message: "Warmest wishes for a peaceful holiday season." Perhaps that is a foreshadowing of where they expect to
 spend eternity.
Planned Parenthood’s "choice on earth" slogan is a pernicious twist on "peace on earth," part of the message the angels declared to the shepherds
 upon the announcement of the birth of Jesus, according to Luke 2. But then Satan has always been in the business of trying to change God’s message
 "By replacing 'peace' with 'choice,' or more accurately, 'killing the innocent on earth,' Planned Parenthood is essentially saying 'abortion on earth,'" said
 Jim Sedlak, executive director of Stop Planned Parenthood International, a division of American Life League. "This blatant mockery of Christian values
 – and of Christ Himself – truly demonstrates the bigoted, anti-religion, anti-God nature of Planned Parenthood."  Planned Parenthood is at war with
 God and at war with parents. Recently, they won a court battle over parents' rights. The U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals made a ruling Nov. 24, 
right after the election that a New Hampshire law requiring parental notification for a minor's abortion is unconstitutional. The court upheld a 2003 
decision by a federal judge, who struck down the law because it did not include a health exception. This showed again that Christians must not only
 take back elected offices but the courts as well to have sanity prevail once again.


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