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Questioning the Patriotism of American Muslims


            For those who have been watching the reports coming from our modern means of communication the realistic unease Americans feel toward the Muslim members of our society is apparent. The United States is caught in an ethical quandary. It is concerned with whether it might wrongfully and erroneously repeat the mistake of ill treatment toward the Muslim-Americans once visited on Japanese-Americans. The question on these minds is whether their loyalty to nation is greater than loyalty to the Islamic religion’s principles.

            As Christians in the United States we have to face another question concering the issue of this current situation. The question is whether it would have made a difference had we been concerned with seeking to win these practitioners of Islam to the Lord Jesus Christ during all the years Mohammedan immigration has been on the increase? Certainly every one that had come to know the Lord Jesus Christ in the free pardon of sin would not have been seen as a threat to the society they now live in.

            I remember during a time when we were having a massive Bailey Smith evangelistic campaign in Haralson County an interesting things occurred. I remarked to some church members about dropping off tickets to the teenage pizza gathering where the Gospel would be shared with a local Islamic merchant for his kids. The people criticized me for doing that on the basis that these people were different, another religion, and so forth. Well, if you do not know Jesus, you are not my religion anyway! It does not matter if you are born and bred here, have light colored skin, and like the same kinds of food I do. Without Jesus we are radically different from each other too. Shouldn’t we have been especially interested in reaching these different people, and especially when we had such a golden opportunity?

            We have a missionary need right in our own back yard. The reward of reaching these lost people is security in our homeland.



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