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Bishop of Jerusalem


There are a number of people who have the title Bishop of Jerusalem, or something similar to it. Each one of these people represent a particular religious organization that is, loosely in our opinion, identified as Christian. In this report we are particularly interested in one man, the man who represents the Anglican Church in Jerusalem.

            The Rt. Revd. Riah Abu El-Assal, Bishop of Jerusalem, has demonstrated that he is a poor representative of both the Christian Church in general and the Anglican institution in particular. Very frequently he is given to making public pronouncements that, to say the least, are highly inflammatory. He is pro-Islamic and anti-Israeli. It is impossible to recall this man ever saying anything to condemn suicide bombings of innocent people in theatres, coffee shops, busses, shopping malls, market places that have been a common occurrence because of Palestinian terrorism.

            His method of greeting, using the word Salaam, not only speaks his own Islamic background but his continuing allegiance to that religion. A number of pronouncements that I have read originating from him has convinced me that he is either a Muslim wearing Anglican Christian vestments or that he has a distorted religious theology that is a mixture of Islam faith tinged with Christianity. In either case his conduct is not that which is a testimony to Christ.

            He has said that Israel is the thief of Palestinian lands. One Internet reader remarked, "If Israel had wanted the land it would have
taken it by now. It must be noted that neither Egypt nor Jordan (the
occupying powers prior to Israel) never made a state for the Palestinians
either. And Jordan actually *did* try to annex the land, and failed.
*sigh* The Palestinians rejected the offer of a state in 1948. The fact
that they have no state now cannot be blamed on Israel or the United
Nations, but on its own failed leaders." The Bishop like others who make such statements have chosen to ignore the facts in order to promote their own agenda of hatred of the Jewish people. They are willful liars.

            He does not have to worry about being removed from office by the church he misrepresents. Though there are a few men still in the church that have laudable qualities, in the main it seems the leadership of the institutions is corrupt. They have tolerated and provided income to some great heretics, and even men thought to be atheists by many. The likelihood is that he will continue until he gets a retirement from the Anglican Church. Then he will find some other position to do evil from.


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