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Do You Believe            

Christ Rose from the Dead     


      Every year some Right Reverend “puff-n-stuff” comes up with some declaration about the resurrection contrary to the Word of God and antagonistic to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This year has proved no exception. But this year we have also seen a number of presentations from several sources trying to question the validity of the resurrection, and even the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Not to mention the revival of a number of old films that distracts attention from the truth.) The reason for the extra attention is probably the Mel Gibson movie, The Passion of Christ.

      What has gotten these people so geared up to try to cast doubt on the facts of the resurrection? Some might believe that the rush to have their bit of input has been motivated by a desire to capitalize on Gibson’s success. Others will say that they are reevaluating America’s interest in religious themes and are seeking to respond to a demand. My idea is that lost people are worked up by the devil’s that influence them to resist the truth. The producers of mayhem and gore in Hollywood have even been critical of Gibson’s attempt to show a more realistic portrayal of the scourging suffered by the Lord. Don’t tell me violence offends them. What offend them is the stripes suffered by our Lord Jesus Christ for the healing of the nations, you and me.

      There is a more important question to be faced this day than even the motivations of the different public people who attack the resurrection though. That question is whether or not you believe in the resurrection? It is the resurrection that gives proof and validity to the efficacy of Christ’s dying on the cross for your sins and mine. If a person does not believe in the resurrection account of the Bible, there is no reason to believe in the claim that the blood of Christ has the power to take away sins. It is not the moral teachings of Christ that offends the world. It is the cross He hung on for your sins and mine. The resurrection validates the cross and gives the blessed hope of eternity with Christ to all who believe. So you see the most important question is whether you believe Christ arose.

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