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Special Report- The WTC Disaster and the Islamic Mind


            Since the suicide flights into the World Trade Center there have been many people who have indulged in acts of retribution against people of Middle Eastern origin in the United States. This is contrary to Christian principles which places vengeance in the province of God and temporal justice in the hands of government. But people have also been asking how could there be people in this world so lacking in conscience to carry out these heinous acts? The answer is that these are not people without conscience or a soul, but those whose viewpoint has been marred by their religious beliefs.

            Some have said these acts are contrary to Islam, but they are truly not. In Islam, the proclamation of jihad or holy war against all who do not believe the one true godís name is Allah and Mohammed is his prophet is proclaimed. It only needs a Imman or Mullah (religious leader) to point the people in a particular direction and set them off on a crusade. The proclamation of holy war against the United States has been made many times.

            The deaths of the participants as they killed the Christian infidel only served to secure these believers a place in the Moslem heaven where they are served by beautiful women who are eternal virgins. This is what the devout pilots who drove the planes into the buildings thought they had to look forward to.

            Some people have been amazed to discover that some participants in this massacre had actually been living in the U.S.A. and enjoying her benefits for some time. Again they cannot understand how people could do this not understanding the mindset of these people. Though some were apparently illegals, they were harbored by people who had immigrated to this country. The performance of our countryís policy toward these groups of newcomers to our shore actually has encouraged a viewpoint of disdain toward other citizens. Government programs of special treatment encourages a person of Islamic mindset to consider themselves superior. As a result it has been difficult to assimilate these newcomers into our culture or to share the Gospel message with them.

              The United States and particular the liberal left has often been critical of the Jewish State of Israel for its policy toward people who hold the religion of Islam. It is interesting to hear the voices crying retribution. They are some of the same ones who have counseled Israel to give up land and try to negotiate with people who view such actions as a sign of weakness. Perhaps they should now apologize to the Jews who under-

stood the mindset they were dealing with all along.

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