Bolton Resignation Sign of National Tragedy

Dr. Michael L. Ford

December 2006


            Every time I have set down to write something about Bolton’s resignation, the things going on in the Congress of the United States for so many years has filled me with such disgust and loathing for the evil people I have not been able to continue. John Bolton has resigned in recognition he could never get an honest up or down confirmation vote in the Senate because his nomination could not get out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This is true in spite of the fact his short time of service in the U.N. as a recess appointee will probably make him go down in history as one of our best ambassadors to that useless institution.

            He fought back when the third world representatives and lovers of terrorists bad mouthed the United States. He defended Israel and made the anti-Semites in the United Nations take it. At a critical time in our nation’s history we had a man to “stand in the gap” and some people, mostly Democrats were more interested in playing the politics of power than what is good for America. Let us name them:

Joseph R. Biden, Jr., Delaware, Ranking Member

Paul Sarbanes, Maryland

Christopher Dodd, Connecticut

John Kerry, Massachusetts

Russ Feingold, Wisconsin

Barbara Boxer, California

Bill Nelson, Florida

Barack Obama, Illinois, and

Republican in name only (RINO) Senator Lincoln Chafee, the man who you might say inherited his seat from his father, and has since worked against practically everything the majority of Americans want.

            With people like this in Congress, America is in dire trouble. But more than this with Bolton out of the U.N. the world is going to see nations like the Sudan, who were beginning to feel the pressure of his heat continuing their genocide of native Christians with greater gusto. I have a cartoon with U.N. idiots going wild with Bolton gone unfortunately Congressional idiots do likewise!

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