The Divine Feminine and False Bibles
Dr. Michael Ford
8 March 2006
 	Dr. Ivie made an important statement while teaching
on the subject of the workings of the Devil this
Wednesday. He said there were men standing in pulpits
that did not know the Lord Jesus Christ as their
Savior, and were in effect serving Satan. He is
absolutely right. In the course of my work marking the
workings of the “Mystery of Iniquity” as we move
toward the end of the age I have a lot of occasion to
look into the evil false ministers do.
	Some people have considered me too hard on those who
tamper with God’s Word producing evil and perverted
translations of God’s Word. But I am continually
watching the evil fruit of their efforts bear the
fruit of destruction. In England, where gender neutral
and feminist bibles were produced before they came to
the United States, a prominent churchman, the Bishop
of Bolton, David Gillett is reported to have said the
Bible encourages us to acknowledge a god who is both
father and mother. A person defending him said “"In
the Bible, God is neither man nor woman; there is a
complete absence of sexual reference to God."
	Both the Bishop’s and his defender’s statements were
absolute falsehoods. The Bible presents God as Father
and speaks of Him in masculine terms, except where the
perverters of Scripture have produced corrupted
bibles. The idea of a motherly god is connected to
what is called the “divine feminine” and it is pagan.
Recently this concept has been presented in such
bestselling books as The DaVinci Code and programs
presented on television history and biography
channels. This is not a curious coincidence, but part
of a coordinated plan by the Father of Liars.
	The ideas behind the “divine feminine” are as old as
Nimrod and his evil wife, known both as Ashtarte and
Semiramis, among other names. The working together of
deception is the vast network of satanic hierarchy
coming together in a spiderweb of collusion to deceive
and corrupt men’s souls. Those that participate in
such collusion and deception are servants of Satan
even though they may occupy pulpits and be called
reverend. The true Word of God teaches us to mark such
false teachers and rebuke them. This day I have done
that in your presence. We who love the Lord and His
truth must reject these evil workers utterly. 

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