Minister of Education Reports


The Palestinian Maps are Missing Israel


            It is not simply a matter of symbolism that impels us to point out to you that the Palestinian Liberation Organization's maps of the Middle East do not have Israel on them. All of the area is shown on their maps as simply Palestine. This may be in keeping with the rest of what are commonly referred to as the 'Arab,' world, which does not put Israel on their maps either, but it demonstrates they have no commitment to peace in a world where Israel exists as a nation.

            The maps demonstrate that all of the talk of peace negotiations, and accommodation of the Palestinian Liberation Organization by giving land for peace, is absolute folly. There can be no two-state solution that will stop those who desire Israel's demise from continuing to work for that nation's destruction.

            Some have questioned why Yasser Arafat has not proceeded to amend the Palestinian Charter? He agreed to remove those parts that denied Israel's right to exist and affirmed their determination to wipe Israel off the map. The answer is blatantly clear when you look at their maps. What they agree to do is simply a ploy to buy some advantage in pressing toward the real goal of pushing Israel into the sea. This is what the Arabs nations claimed they would do in 1948, and their goals have not changed since.

            Western politicians have repeatedly claimed they have made concrete agreements with Yasser Arafat. They ignore the fact it is an integral part of Islamic theology that it is alright to lie to people Islam calls infidels in order to achieve goals of conquest. The West cries because Arafat and his ilk fail to keep the promises they made since what has been termed "the fairy tale accords of the Oslo Agreements." Their maps tell the truth about them. Does the leopard change his spots? The PLO and Yasser Arafat are not reformed, responsible peacemakers. Arafat is a thug who leads an organization of thugs, killers, and liars, who have made fools out of politicians from both sides of the political fence.

            Look at their maps.

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