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President's Day- Antipatriotic


            In 1968, legislation was enacted which affected several federal holidays. It was sold to the people as a means of simplifying the yearly calendar of American holidays, and to give federal employees some standard three day weekends in the process. After 1971, when the legislation took effect, life in the United States began to change, and not for the better. The reason that the change was not for the better is that a system of holidays gives opportunity to teach or remind a people about their heritage.

            In the last thirty-three years even the movies that appeared on the various networks that did homage to the lives and heritage of Americans at various times of the year have largely disappeared. At this point I could talk about how people who, like Ted Turner, that own such movies are not only anti-God but also anti-American. But, the popular demand for such entertainment has also disappeared. One of the reasons is because the public school system has moved away from using holidays to acquaint children with their heritage in holiday seasons.

            Lumping all the President;s birthday observances into one date which falls close to both Washington and Lincoln's birthdays sends a subliminal message. Why? Because someone like Martin Luther King has his own holiday. The message is that his birthday is more important than all the Presidents who have served this country put together. Yes, I realize that telling the truth opens me up to being branded a racist. That is the weapon of words fought by people who cannot argue their case on its merits.

            Few people are aware the original version of this holiday was in commemoration of George Washington's birthday and began on the last full year of his presidency, 1796. Emphasis on celebrating his birthday included such things as birthright balls in the early 19th century. Were emphasis still being placed on the "American birthright," brought into being by such revolutionary documents as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States and forged in the blood of patriots, people would be less willing to so easily surrender the freedom that cost so much.

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