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Al Qaeda Still Recruits in U.S. Jails


            We are approaching 3 years after 911 and terrorists are still being recruited in State and federal prisons in the United States. Our freedom to exercise religion is being exploited by Islamics even as the ACLU and others are working to destroy such freedom for Christians.

            Al Qaeda and other terrorists offer exploit the isolation of inmates and offer them protection, positions of influence, and a network they can correspond with both inside and outside of prison. The power of Muslims within prisons have grown to the point that Inmates receiving Christian materials from organization like Jonsquill Ministries are sayiing please do not send us things exposing Islam or terrorism because it might cause us to be attacked.

            Officials have testified to Congress that Muslim chaplains have helped Al Qaeda recruitment. One example given is that of Warith Deen Umar, the administrative chaplain for the New York State Corrections who preached the suicide attackers on 911 were heroes.

            The Federal Bureau of prisons has about 9,600 Muslims incarcerated or about 5.5% of the population. This figure does not include members of the Nation of Islam or Moorish Science Temple, which constitutes a danger in its own right.

            The FBI views the problem as a serious breach of national security. But what we might not realize is that the problem was facilitated to begin with by the exclusivity granted three Saudi financed organizations to train Muslim chaplains in the first place. These organizations are the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences, the American Muslim Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Council, and the Islamic Society of North America. I plan to show in my forthcoming booklet on Saudi Arabia how they are waging a clandestine religious war against us. But we will not be making headway against terrorism until we are willing to admit a religious Islamic war is what is happening.

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