The Creation Museum Spied Out
Dr. Michael L. Ford
30 April 2007

	For several years I have been following Answers in
Genesis and its founder Ken Hamís efforts to establish
a Creation Museum. The purpose was to give a visible,
well thought out answer to evolutionistís claims of a
very old earth that evolved over time. They have been
fought on every hand. Even zoning boards tried to keep
him from establishing the museum. I am quite sure
though, if he had been trying to build an evolutionary
museum of the type taxpayer funding has gone to
support, he would have had no problem. Finally, after
many battles, the museumís opening is in sight. It has
cost some thirty million dollars to build but from all
reports the product is inspiring.
	The primary goal for which the Creation Museum was
built, the salvation of souls, has also began to
fulfill its mission. Reports are one of the
construction workers recently accepted the Lord Jesus
Christ as His Savior after working on the site for a
few months. In total, ten contractors have had their
lives changed by an encounter with the Lord while
working on the museum we understand. It is not
surprising that servants of Satan have done their very
best to keep this museum from ever coming to be.
	Enter the ever-smirking Bill Maher, formerly on ABCís
Politically Incorrect. Once it took ten minutes of my
time to discover it was politically correct. I turned
it off in disgust! More recently he has had HBOís Real
Time. About five minutes of it revealed it was even
more disgusting. So far it escapes me why this man is
characterized as a comedian? But Maher penetrated the
Creation Museum as part of a supposed film crew
filming a documentary on world religions. Yes, the man
who said Christians suffer from a neurological
disorder passed himself off as someone making a
documentary on religion. Biased, you bet!
	So far I have not heard how Maher is planning to use
his film, and interview with Ken Ham, to attack
Christianity? I am wondering if he is planning to time
the showing of his film to coincide with the Grand
Opening of the museum on May 28th? But oftentimes the
devilís plans backfire and he might actually wind up
advertising for the Creation Museum. Would he still be

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