UN and Anti-Semitism
18 November 2004
If you have been following the United Nations Oil for
Food scandal you are not surprised when I say money
that was supposed to provide the Iraqi people with
food and medicine did not get to them. It was used to
buy weapons. It was also used to help pay the families
of suicide bombers. Should we be surprised with this?
The U.N. has passed more dumb and dumber resolutions
against Israel than some nations have oil wells while
feeding at the U.S. trough.
One commentator said that “the U.N. has a problem with
Anti-Semitism: It doesn’t know what it is. Perhaps
this is why the Office of the U.N. Commissioner for
Human Rights and Unesco got a group of experts
together in Barcelona to provide information on
contemporary racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia
and related intolerance, with advice on anti-Semitism,
Christianophobia, and Islamophobia. 
When they were through with their meeting it is
unlikely they would have any advance in under-standing
for the chief adviser is Tariq Ramadan of
Switzerland’s Fribourg University. You might remember
him in the news because he was denied entrance to the
United States using a law concerning aliens who use a
“position of prominence within any country to endorse
or espouse terrorist activity.” My opinion on his
credibility has nothing to do with his statement about
Osama bin Laden being a useful straw man, but it has
everything to do with whose geo-strategic designs both
he and bin Laden serve. How do you spell Saudi Arabia
and Wahabi  Islam?
Another expert Esther Benbassa has outlined her own
conspiracy theory, where the Jews are the villains.
She condemns the Hebrew people for remembering the
Holocaust and keeping its lessons memorialized in
museums and through promoting  related research. Her
work is more an encouragement of Anti-Semitism than a
defining of it.
Two Israelis were there who sit on the board of the
Alternative Information Center, an organization with
no standing and known only for being on the fringes of
Israeli society. This organization is itself, for
whatever perversion that might be generated in a
warped mind against the State of Israel. These
Trotskyites have produced papers such as the one
titled “Anti-Zionism Not Anti-Semitism,” calling for
the elimination of the Jewish State and the
establishment of a socialist federation of the Middle
East. Some sane Israelis did attend, but the follies
of the “experts” kept them from doing anything
The report coming out of this meeting will become
another U.N. document disseminated around the world
and paid for in great majority with American tax
money. It claims that anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism
are distinct positions, which is justifies by a
further claim that most Jews were anti-Zionist before
1935. Readers should remember that being unwilling to
leave the relative ease and culture of Europe for the
backwards Middle East, to go from being professional
people to farmers harassed by thieves and brigands
does not constitute anti-Zionism.
It goes further to say that the Zionism of many Jews
today have resulted in attacks on synagogues, arson
attacks on schools, desecration of cemeteries, and so
forth. In other words it is the Jews fault. Anyone who
believes their assertion that anti-Semitism was absent
from the Arab world before Israel was born is ignorant
of history and some of the passages contained in the
The U.N. Human Rights Commission wishes to separate
the defense of Israel from anti-Semitism; they want to
blur the Holocaust into an event of no greater
significance than other genocides and have us forget
that the target of that program was predominantly
Jewish. In the end, the U.N. “experts would say for
the time being that discrimination against individual
Jews is bad, but "anti-Zionism," denying Jewish people
the equal right to self-determination is not. 
Do you get it? Jews are responsible for anti-Semitism.
If it weren't for Israel's insistence on defending
itself as any other state faced with five decades of
terrorism and war to bring its obliteration, Jews
would be better off. We have just had another serious
step backward in combating anti-Semitism and
terrorism.. And, it was mainly funded by the American

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