Target targets the Salvation Army


            Target has decided not to allow the Salvation Army to put their kettles outside their stores anymore. Many people, of which I am one, have decided not to put their money inside their stores anymore. Their offensive advertising promotions feature little girls in jeans cut to expose their navels. This should have been enough to evoke commentary long ago. But like most Christians I find so much evil to distress my soul, their particularly brand of evil has not been dealt with in my Minister of Education reports. I suppose I should thank them for causing me to redirect my attention.

            The Salvation Army is often the unsung purveyor of good works. Organizations like the Red Cross are often more vocal, often getting credit for things they do not do. For instance it was the Salvation Army, not the Red Cross that set up feeding stations for the rescue workers at the time of the Twin Towers disaster. I have been critical of the Salvation Army at times because their good works sometimes seemed to be done at the expense of the Salvation part of the message they should carry, but when it comes down to issues of discrimination, the Salvation Army is a Christian organization. This is discrimination against Christianity!

            According to Target, the elimination of the Salvation Army kettles has to do with their no solicitation policy. I think the real reason is they are responding to pressure from homosexuals. Target has sold itself to political correctness, supporting just about every kind of minority cause or behavior you can name except for Christianity. Their own career website testifies to this. Since homosexuals began targeting the Salvation Army at least as far back as 2001, we wonder what took Target so long to get on their bandwagon?

            Target promotes itself by declaring how much money they give to community involvement. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what “community” programs they are putting that money into? What do you want to bet that a good deal of it probably goes into things Christians would not approve of? The Salvation Army works in 109 countries and 9,000 U.S. communities. Beat that!

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