Common Sense on the World Council of Churches
Dr. Michael Ford
6 September 2006

	Letís use some common sense. The reason an
organization like the World Council of Churches exists
is primarily because its member churches were losing
so many adherents individually they became more and
more inconsequential in influence. Banding together
gave them the illusion of power they no longer had.
After unifying, the conduct of WCC assemblies has
revealed how greatly separated from the Gospel of
Christ, but attached to and accepting of every sort of
heresy under the sun. The future of the WCC, if it
does not bankrupt before, will be like The United
Religions Initiative. to be merged into the
organization of the One World Church that the False
Prophet will head up during the Tribulation. That is
right, I do not expect the coming rapture of believers
to have much impact on the membership rolls of World
Council of Churches churches.
	So when the WCC calls for a UN 'war crimes' probe in
Middle East you are seeing an illusory body blowing in
the wind, an organization that has no more authority
than fellow haters of Israel and genuine Christian
faith care to afford it. I am tempted to say that if
these churches had paid as much attention to the
preaching and teaching of the Gospel and the weeding
out of heretics from their midst as they now do in
inserting themselves into matters about which their
minds are deluded and their eyes blinded they would
likely not have ministers speaking to empty churches
nor would they be surviving on the bequeaths left in
the wills of long dead parishioners and subsequent
fund investments made with that money. Frankly, if
many of those whose Last Will and Testaments now
underwrite these churches were able to come back they
would move their money out just as many of their
descendants have removed their presence from the pews.
	Do you think my words harsh? Study the organization.
It has proven itself to be both the enemy of Israel
and churches faithful to the Word of God. Therefore,
it is also the enemy of God.
Thatís why it embraces the enemies of the True God
again and again. The WCC cannot be against Godís truth
without also being against God, and apostate from true
faith. Thatís common sense.

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