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Criticism of Jerry Falwell

by Michael L. Ford, Th.D.


            An interesting event, perfect to distract Americans from the tragedy of seeing a President get away with perjury and obstruction of justice was the Teletubbies flap. The news media jumped on Jerry Falwell with both feet because the National Liberty Journal, the paper he is editor of, carried a story on the Tinky Winky Teletubby discussing its sexual preference. Falwell was not the author of the story, neither was his journal the first to carry a story on the subject. But you would not know that watching how the secular news media handled it.

            This reporter watched several interviews with Dr. Falwell on MSNBC and CNN. Consistently, the “talking head” hosts of the program demonstrated they were not listening to or interested in what he had to say about the subject. In attempting to make mockery of the man, they demonstrated their own bias and sole interest to be getting their own message and agenda across. Repeatedly Falwell told people that his paper had picked up their story from both mainline newspapers and sodomite publications like “The Blade” before they published.

            Before this attack on Dr. Falwell and his paper occurred, yes even back to the debut of Teletubbies, others have been expressing concern about this programming. The issue has not been whether small children like Teletubbies or not. The issue has been over whether or not it is good for them. The Family Education Network raised questions about this based on their professional staff’s knowledge “…about how babies are developing at this age and what we know about how television affects older children.”[1]

            As a Christian Counselor and Minister of Education, I have been questioned a number of times about the subject of the Teletubbies as well as other children’s programs. Having watched but one program with an individual who had seen many, I observed several things that gave me some concern from the outset:

1.      The presence of magic in the program.- The world is promoting paganism and spiritualism with every opportunity.

2.      The presence of mind control in the program.- Too many efforts are being expended to advance mind control technology and at the same time make mind control acceptable. This concept in such a program presents the idea to people at the earliest level.

3.      The integration of technology and living beings promoted.- This could be preparing the way to make people more willing to take the “Mark of the Beast” during the Tribulation.

4.      The similarity between the facial appearance of the Teletubbies and the facial appearance of UFO space alien drawings. Dr. Wilson, in his works on UFO phenomenon, demonstrated back in the 70’s a connection between space aliens and some demonic manifestations.


Secular people involved in children’s development see completely different set of problems related to Teletubbies or any television programming for that matter. These are:

1.      TV viewing correlates with inactivity and obesity. How will this also affect intelligence and development of motor skills when a small child is encouraged to become inactive just at the age they should be actively exploring the world around them?

2.      TV viewing can be addictive. It has been demonstrated in older children that the more television they watch the more they want to watch. If this is a problem with older children, how much resistance to addiction can we expect one and two year olds to have?

3.      TV viewing is passive entertainment. It does not foster natural activity levels or creativity or interest in exploring their world. Televison watching also helps keep children from overcoming certain vision problems related to eye movement.[2]


Many Christian sources have long recognized that Public Broadcasting, which has brought Teletubbies into the American Market, is no more trustworthy as a source for children’s programming than Warner Brothers, Turner Broadcasting, or any other of the worldly crowd. As a matter of fact, you must exercise judgement even when you are looking at offerings in so-called Christian publications. Cartoons like those produced by Hannah-Barbara for Christian consumption are often based in or include magic in ways that should be rejected by believers. It is a good rule of thumb that if something makes a Christian uncomfortable with it, they should reject it. Even other things should be approached with caution. We should be like the Bereans trying what we are offered by the Word of God.


            The flap over Jerry Falwell’s paper warning Christians about Teletubbies may have more to do with the enemy’s outrage that Christian parents being warned about Satan’s move against their children than with anything else. There was no attack against the Washington Post when an editorial cast the Tinky Winky character’s photo opposite that of Ellen Degeneres implying that she was out as the “chief national gay representative” and the Teletubby was “in.”

            Efforts to keep Christians from speaking out are underway on several fronts. They include threats, intimidation, and derision. It does not please Lucifer when his false lights of deception are exposed to be the darkest and most vile of filth. No chance is missed to make it appear that conservative Christians, people concerned with knowing and obeying God’s word, are the cause of the world’s problems. We know the real problem is sin, and the people who yield to serve their Infernal Master, the devil.

            The struggle for the truth and honoring the Lord Jesus Christ has continued throughout the church age. It will continue till He returns to receive His own unto Himself. Each person is faced with the choice of believing the world’s deceptions, sticking his or her head in the sand hoping it will all go away, or standing up for Jesus. The price for failure to be aware and take a stand can be measured in the souls of people. Perhaps our own children might be lost.


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[2] PAVE publishes a pamphlet on this subject.

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