While the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal has everyone asking how US soldiers could commit such acts, the Canadian Broadcasting Network suggests this answer: The Israelis made them do it.

On the May 4 broadcast of CBC TV's National News (see video link below), correspondent Neil Macdonald delivered the lead story from Washington political fallout from the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse pictures. Macdonald makes a bizarre shift from Iraq to turn his report against Israel, proposing to viewers that the occupation of Iraq and George Bush's unprecedented alliance with the right wing government of Israel has placed Americans overseas in danger.

Macdonald then focuses the camera on a retired US diplomat, Eugene Bird, who makes the outlandish suggestion that the Mossad may have been behind the tortures: We know that the Israeli intelligence was operating in Baghdad after the war was over. The question should be: Were there any foreign interrogators among those that were recommending very, very bad treatment for the prisoners?

CBC's Macdonald ? delivering the top story for the Canadian nightly news with the broadest public reach ? brings no facts or sources to substantiate these grave charges. Further, by including Bird's statement (from a news conference of former US diplomats critical of President Bush's support for Israel), Macdonald manipulated two unrelated stories in a way that only a journalist with an anti-Israel agenda would have even considered.


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This report has been forwarded just as it was written in the News from Jerusalem Internet newsletter. The Canadian Broadcasting is not only anti Israel but also anti- United States. Our good neighbor to the North should no longer be considered a good neighbor when they can allow blatant lies and falsehoods to be continually spewed out from their media.

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