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Post War Germany v Post War Iraq


            I called my dad and asked him if he remembered hearing of any of the kinds of assassinations that have been reported coming out of Iraq at the end of World War II when an occupation Army was the order of the day? He said no, he did not recall such things going on. There are several possibilities about this that need to be considered. The first could be that he is old and in the slow process of dying, so his memory is clouded; the second is that because communications were slower in those days, such acts did not get the dissemination they do today. But the third possibility we need to consider is that such violence did not normally occur in post was Germany as is common in Iraq today. If it did not occur, we need to ask ourselves why not?

            In 1967, I went through Germany on the way to some involvement in a Middle Eastern situation called the Six Day War, then in 1979, I returned to Germany and lived there for seven years. During these times I met and got to know German people. During the seven years of living in Germany, I made more than acquaintance with many people. There were people who lived through the times of Hitler who thought he was a great man, but they did not pose a threat to the soldier on the street. Usually problems between Germans and soldiers revolved around alcohol and women. What made the difference between them and the ones our soldiers are encountering in Iraq?

            I think the difference between Germany and Iraq can be answered in one word - religion. Post war German people were still greatly influenced by the Christian religion and post war Iraqi people are influenced by Islam. In Iraq we are told that the main body of the people are grateful for being set free from Saddam Hussein, but did you know their religion teaches them that they should not be in a position to be beholden to unbelievers? In short the very situation of being in a position of needing to be grateful to a nation that is primarily identified with Christianity is a cause for resentment.

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