Obama Is Wright

Dr. Michael L. Ford

20 August 2008


            There have been a number of things coming out of Senator Obama over the past few months that just cried out for comment. And, I admit to having been negligent in following through with calling these things to people’s attention. Others have been making comment but it is important to me to let people know where I stand. Sometimes you might find there is actually some humor in what is in reality a very serious situation. And we better be able to find humor in these things, like the Russians did during the Soviet era. After all, if this man is above criticism, and those who criticize him are marked for some kind of condemnation, if he actually gets into office, open free speech will likely become a thing of the past.

            When I heard the man, who opposes opening up American oil resources, suggested we should solve some of our energy problems by making sure our tires are properly inflated I had such a flood of humorous thoughts I almost started writing then. Evidently the McCain camp had some humorous thoughts too because they started giving away campaign tire gauges. They did not give one to me. But that isn’t why I am saying Obama was Wright. Properly inflated tires will get better gas mileage than under inflated ones. As a matter of fact you should get even better gas mileage with over inflated tires because less rubber will touch the road. (There are a many in Washington who are over-inflated.) Of course your over inflated tires will wear out quicker in the middle, but they were wearing away under inflated as well. He did not suggest that another gas saving measure with tires would be to have your alignment set to a true straight alignment instead of the factory recommended toe in. This too would reduce friction, even if it did make it a little harder to hold the car in the road.

            Anyway, I suppose the man who plans to be America’s first black president believes having his own pseudo presidential seal and a uniquely designed logo on his campaign plane are good ideas. He thinks these things will persuade people he offers a unique experience; he calls change, in a chief executive. Clearly he expected to be crowned in advance for his future achievements as president of the world by being welcomed to speak at the Brandenburg Gate, an honor offered to very few heads of State. But remember, he is a messianic figure the like of which Germany has not seen for over sixty years, so his expectations was reasonable in his mind. Given who Obama is, and his past connections overseas and in the USA, and considering what he expects to become he was Wright in the things he has been doing to define himself as he has in this campaign.

            People have been getting it all wrong when they criticized Obama for attacking McCain on the issue of ethics. After all, his view is McCain knew exactly what he was doing but Obama’s shortcomings should be overlooked because he did not know something ethically wrong was going on when he was wheeling and dealing, getting his multimillion dollar home and expanded lot. After all he has spent a lot of time in other countries with family who was trying to overthrow their country’s governments. A fancy law degree did not equip him for understanding the insider wheeling and dealing. Obama is Wright, the junior senator from Illinois is a greater figure than Lincoln because that worthy did not have to free his ancestors. They were not part of the USA. They were just protesting against it.

            And people completely misunderstand Obama’s relationship with the renegade priest and the Reverend Wright.  And frankly, here Senator Obama has tried to help them to misunderstand. It is really quite amusing in a sort of macabre way when you understand what it the truth. For instance, how could Obama become a Christian in a church with a false doctrine of salvation? A church that has also taken Reformation theology, which is anti-Semitic, and added or twisted it into Black Liberation Theology, which is also an anti-Caucasian form of racism using it for the basis of the hate regularly spewed from its pulpit, along with anti-Americanism. The answer is it is not the form of Christianity found in the Bible. It is a form that can fit in with the Moslem family he still identifies with in Africa. During the years of sitting under Reverend Wright’s teaching Obama was not really deceived. Quite the contrary, Obama represents the things Wright promoted. In an alter ego sort of way Obama Is Wright! The embodiment of what Wright aspires to!


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