Israeli Flag Burned

Dr. Michael L. Ford

6 October 2007


            Cornerstone Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas has three flagpoles like I have long wanted for my church. The reason I want them is because I understand the spiritual importance of symbols. One of its values is that of a teaching tool to convey messages about what you support and where you stand. There are four flags that should be on three Christian flagpoles in America the majority of the time, depending on the season. These are the Christian flag, the U.S. flag, the State flag, and the Israeli flag. Flying the flag of Israel is one way a church can say it understands the place of Israel in biblical prophecy and the implications of Godís promise to bless those who bless the Jewish people.

            Recently, when Lady Bird Johnson died, the flags at Cornerstone were lowered to half-staff in her honor. They were flying U.S., Texas, and Israeli flags. On the following Tuesday, the Israeli flag was discovered desecrated. Someone had overturned a trashcan to stand on while burning the Star of David out of the middle of the flag. The other flags were untouched. This indicates to me the culprit was likely anti-Semitic. One more of those ignorant louts that does not understand Godís blessing on America might well have continued to this point because so many believers in this Nation understand the importance of blessing Israel.

            Pastor Bobby Herrel said Cornerstone began flying the Israeli flag in July 2006 to show solidarity with the Israeli people during the conflict in Lebanon. You might remember during that time much of our leftist media were portraying events as Israelís fault and totally overlooking the inflicted on the Jewish people that had required a response. Zola Levitt Ministries gave Cornerstone two flags, so they would have a backup, promising to replace them if they were desecrated. In a day when so many Christians are afraid to take a stand or back down when they run into people serving their master, Satan, I applaud Cornerstone Baptist Church for not backing down and continuing to post the appropriate symbols. I encourage believers to pray for those poor deluded anti-Semitic people knowing they are in danger of God keeping His promise to curse them. God bless the faithful and God bless Israel!

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