Worst Mom of the Year 2005-06
Dr. Michael L. Ford
13 May 2006
	While I was watching Jose Rivera win the WBA junior
middleweight title last Saturday, it suddenly dawned
on me I needed to do something to fill an important
gap in annual Motherís Day recognition events. Perhaps
it is because Rivera has a day job as a juvenile court
officer, or maybe because he is Worcester
Massachusettsís Man of the Year, but more likely
because he is loved and supported by his wife Daisy
and adored by his son this flash of insight came upon
me all of a sudden. You see, we find it easy to
recognize outstanding people like Rivera and his
family, but the ones that are an embarrassment to
humanity we mostly try to ignore and hope they go
away. But when we quit recognizing them for what they
are they somehow seem to multiply themselves.
	Growing up I was always in a church that recognized
outstanding mothers on Motherís Day. Often flowers,
plants, or some other token was given to the mothers
who were oldest, youngest, and had most children. Some
times ladies would stand and recount the numbers of
grandchildren and great grandchildren they had as
well. There used to be more value put on family in the
past. Children were considered a real blessing from
the Lord. Recognizing the youngest mothers bit the
dust first. It got to where there be too much
possibility of some woman claiming the youngest mother
prize without a husband to legitimize the baby. Then,
because some women kept having babies out of wedlock,
recognizing the mother with the most children became
an iffy proposition in many churches. It wont be long
now till we will also fear recognizing the oldest mom,
because this generation of moral degenerates is aging.
We need a solution to the problem and that is publicly
recognizing the worst moms on Motherís Day for what
they are along with recognizing the best moms for what
they are.
	Every church, civic organization and community could
easily come up with its own worst mom candidates. They
could include among their numbers those who have
abortions, abandon their children, and let children
run wild, like financing them going off to Aruba for a
drunken spring break or such like. There are plenty of
candidates and I really wish I had thought of this
	As a ministry that communicates internationally, for
Jonsquill Ministries to have a nominee for Worst Mom
of the Year, we would have to select someone whose
notoriety has gotten them much attention throughout
the world. So we could not select some HIV positive
woman in Africa, who knowing her condition, is still
producing AIDS infected babies. There are too many
women like that and no one woman stands out. No, we
could only select candidates who personally have had
the spotlight turned directly on them.
	Had we been doing this in years past we might have
chosen Susan Smith for our 1994-95 Worst Mom of the
Year. She was the Carolina woman who drowned her two
sons, apparently so she could regain the lover who was
not her husband. Her deed so gripped the media another
woman who drowned her children shortly after went
relatively unnoticed. And of course our 1996-97
nominees would have had to include mom Hillary Rodham
Clinton who revealed that she thinks ďIt Takes a
VillageĒ to raise children, not a mom and dad living
together as man and wife. But unfortunately, my flash
of insight only occurred a week ago.
	This year we do have an up to the minute nominee. She
fits our international requirements not only because
of great media attention but also because she has been
involved in activism on three continents. Her
qualification as the years worst mom begins with the
fact she has used her sonís death to stand against
everything he gave his life for, and that includes her
hobnobbing with South American Marxists. She took
$250,000 dollars from her sonís death; had a Hawaiian
vacation and bought a new car, but after two years her
sonís grave still did not have a headstone. Even
though the federal government would provide Casey
Sheehan one free his grave is yet unmarked. But Cindy
Sheehan has been too busy demanding repeated apologies
from the President of the United States to do
something most grieving parents find essential to
dealing with grief, marking their childís grave.
	There you have it. There might be a worse mom out
there this year but Cindy Sheehan has my vote. She is
in my estimation the best example of a bad mom this
year. And, we noticed as she went through the years
how she did indeed attract many people I would be
embarrassed to be associated with, proving the point
about how these people multiply when we try to ignore

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