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9-11 - 11 September 2001 - One Year Later



            Many people are looking back at the sad day America was attacked on its own soil after nearly a year has passed. I want to do that and more in this article.

September 11th will not only mark the one-year anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center, but also 145th anniversary of another massacre of Americans that took place. I am speaking of the murder of approximately 120 unarmed non-Mormon men, women, and children by Mormons on orders from the then LDS president Young. I think it is appropriate to note that anniversary lest we forget who is the true core god of the Mormon religion.

            Some of the writers will resurrect the bombing in Oklahoma city, supposedly carried out by Timothy McVeigh, during this time of national remembrance. Many of these will be doing so to try to equate all kinds of fundamentalism with the Islamic fundamentalists who carried out the bombings on the World Trade Center. Many of these writers are the same ones who argued guns should be confiscated when the bomb went off in Oklahoma.

            As an Eschatologist, it will be my unhappy duty to note that what I was preaching twenty-five years ago has accumulated additional evidence during the aftermath of 9-11. That is that the people in this country will become so much in love with their pleasure and ease of living that they will trade away freedom for the sake of keeping their diversions. The difference in the response of Americans after Pearl Harbor and those after the World Trade Center collapse is evidence of that. Sadly American Christians extend their lack of commitment to the things of God as well. As long as it does not cost us any sacrifice, and particularly work on our part, we will be for it.  Just do not disturb us from our rest.

            I see the presence everywhere of delusion perpetrating forces at work. It is founded in the desire to not believe the evidence of the truth for the sake of another day of worldly ease.

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