Turned Neal Boortz Off

Dr. Michael L. Ford

30 July 2007


            My friend Tommy Norton got me started regularly listening to Neal Boortz. At the Christian School, after morning Chapel, I would go down to the kitchen to make snacks. Tommy, who did Church Security, would be down there with the radio turned on. Boortz is anti-Christian and too often profane, but he does have a way of making sense of many things going on in our country and exposing politicians and other promoters of folly. We had a deal that if the phone rang in the kitchen Tommy immediately turned the radio sound off. One day a parent walked into the kitchen right in the middle of a Boortz tirade and I was embarrassed.

            Do to health reasons I do not now listen to as much talk radio as I once did. Often I am catching my news on the Internet as I write articles and commentary, then I retire to rest and prayer in the bedroom where my wife spends much of her time. But occasionally in the mornings, as I have prepared muffins and such I had been turning Neal Boortz on. But the other day my granddaughter was visiting with me and I had Boortz on while fixing her a snack. All of a sudden he came out with several four letter words that might well have gotten me fined back when I held a Third Class Radiiotelephone License.

            Now days people do not need a license from the FCC, but the language deterioration on radio indicates to me doing away with them was not a step forward. Some people would say Neal Boortz’s expletives were relatively mild, but they were still not the language an educated man would need to use. Others might say the words were something my granddaughter would hear other places. But this does not mean she needs to hear them in granddaddy’s house. I care about what my grandchildren grow up thinking is important to their grandfather. I care about what they think this old man believes is right and what he sees as unacceptable.

            I turned Neal Boortz off. There is nothing he is going to say I cannot get somewhere else where people know how to mind their manners. Know what? The silence was golden and it allowed me to pay much closer attention to this great joy in my life.


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