Minister of Education Reports


                                                Seeking for the Children


During the observation of the season when our Lord Jesus Christ became our Passover Lamb through His sacrifice, I am reminded of an old expression we used to apply to babes in arms. We would say “little lamb” or “precious little lamb” as we looked upon them in their helpless and cuddle-able condition. The Lord always had a special interest in children. Perhaps it was by His Spirit that we notice the innocence of the little baby, and realize that it cannot compare to the greater sinlessness of Jesus Christ. Yet the Lord did say, “suffer the little children to come unto me.” (Matthew 19:14; Mark 10:14; Luke 18:16)


The Lord, who formed man, knew the importance of reaching people when they are little children. A child forms 85% of his personality traits and establishes learning patterns during the first five years of his life. During this time of formation it is the easiest and most effective time to teach Christian truths to an individual. That is why a person has to become as a little child in their submission in order to be converted later in life. (Mark 10:15)


The church enters into a partnership with the yoiung parents within the church when it develops and appoints teachers to work with the very young through the Nursery, Sunday School, Children’s Church, and so forth. These positions of working with children are some of the most important that we have. The awesome responsibility entrusted to those who serve in these positions is no small matter.


Things like annual Vacation Bible School, Back Yard Bible Clubs, and Christian schools are tools for reaching even beyond the church membership in order to help children to come to Jesus. Of course all of these activities are still open to the church family. But here our work with children also has a missionary quality. So many people never know the name of Jesus as something more than a byword without the church reaching beyond itself. And, what better time to reach people than when they are still children and more easily taught?


On this Easter Day, as we contemplate our Lord’s sacrifice as the unspotted Lamb of God. Let us consider those we might adoringly refer to as precious little lambs within our community. Will they grow up to be sheep of this fold? (God forbid that they should be transformed into ravening wolves.) Will you make a commitment to participate in the work of our church and help little children come to Jesus?

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