Persecution in India March 7,2004



            When I first heard the story of Tahitha, it was on my heart to tell of her to the church I serve, and post it on the Internet. But as the days have gone by, she has clung to my thoughts and entered into my prayers many times. I do not really know if Tahitha is her real name, or a name that was used to call for prayer for her. You see, there are Christians living in lands where they fear reprisal even for telling what has been happening to them in their countries.

            What I do know is that Tahitha lives in an area of India that is dominated by Muslims. Her husband had suffered many beatings because of his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and the entire family had been persecuted. Finally one of those beatings resulted in the loss of his life, leaving Tahitha a widow with children to take care of.

It was as a widow that Tahitha began to receive the brunt of the abuse from the family’s persecutors. They wanted to force poor Tahitha into marrying a Muslim man so they could then make the children to be raised as Muslims and not as Christians. One night they got so carried away with beating her that she nearly died. Had some Christian friends not been able to get her to a hospital in time it is likely she would have. She did spend many days in recovery from all that she had suffered.

You would think that the people, who had acted in ways animals would not, might change their treatment of Tahitha and her family after this. If for no other reason they should feel some shame from the way they have acted and the injury they have done. This has not been the case. Pray for Tahitha and those like her who take up their cross daily to follow our Lord Jesus Christ.

This morning as I rose to write, the only thought that I could muster was Tahitha. I knew I had to tell of her not only to my church, but to all that my voice could reach.


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