Boy Scouts Persecuted by ABA

11 August 2004

            In the interest of fair disclosure I will confess that I did not get to be a Boy Scout when a lad, but I did serve as a Scout Leader in Japan and as a Webelos leader in Germany. The people who are leading this latest attack on scouting and free association by the American Bar Association should be required to do the same. You would find connections with Planned Parenthood, which are bigoted against the unborn, and homosexual organizations, which are more bigoted against morally upright people than heterosexuals ever were against them.

            The word bigot is being used because that is what the move is about up front. They want to classify the Boy Scouts and those who support them, particularly judges, as legal bigots. This is because the homosexuals have thus far failed to do to these children what Roman Catholic priests have managed to do to so many young men and boys in their religion. The homosexuals tried to open up scouting to their sexual predations and failed, so now they want to marginalize and destroy the Boy Scouts.

            Hans Zeiger of World Net Daily commented, “One must truly be vile to be classified as a bigot.” The move against the Boy Scouts would place them in the “vile category” now occupied by the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi groups. Judges are not now allowed to be part of these groups. And under the newly proposed ABA conduct rule America’s judges would likewise be prohibited from associating with the Boy Scouts. Apparently it would still be alright for homosexual judges to associate with pedophilia promoting groups. Clearly this nation is in a mess otherwise such “rules” would not even be suggested.

            Attorney Mark Harrison explained the purpose of the rule is to “make sure that judges aren’t viewed as bigots.” The ABA would be better served to be concerned about the view of judges that see the majority of them as liberal idiots whose rulings are often tantamount to treason against the United States and the public good. I have long said the American Bar Association needs to be marginalized. Its judgment no longer has merit.


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