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Britain Losing Faith in God


            At the same time Barna Research is reporting an increase in religious participation in the United States, particularly the Western part of the country, a BBC poll finds that the trend in England is just the other way with only 28% stopping to pray regularly. Two-thirds of Americans claim that they do. As a person interested in the study of eschatology this is not surprising to me. According to my research Europe went into the final age of the church before World War One and England went that way in conjunction with the Second World War. The United States began this downward transition in the administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower, and its downward spiral has been less consistent than others.

            Research that shows countries like Nigeria to contain believers who are more spiritually minded is not surprising. They and other Third World countries have taken stands against sin absent from the more religiously liberal Western countries that were home to such things as the Reformation and great missionary movements. You have but to look at religious leadership in the various countries to understand a great deal about why the nations are becoming spiritual wastelands.

            Only 21% of Britains claim to regularly attend church. But when you observe the behavior of those in spiritual leadership like the Archbishop of Canterbury and his followers we have to ask what value would they see to sitting under their lectures and listening to what comes out of minds empty of faith in the Word of God and submission to the Holy Spirit? The Bible describes these kinds of leaders as "clouds without water." They promise a lot but deliver nothing of any spiritual value.

            The BBC, which has become a rather reprobate organization itself has been doing polls for a discussion of the relevance of God in today's world. I think they will find out His relevance when He comes in judgement if not before. The rebels discuss God; the believers choose to listen to Him and beseech Him.

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