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New Believer's First Lesson Hugh Latimer
The Merits of The Authorized Version Charles Finney
The Desirability of Keeping The Authorized Version The Decline of Eastern Christian Communities
Insights Into Terrorism Dean Phillip Jensen's sermon on the war in Iraq
Ordination Service Why Black Christians Shouldn't Celebrate Kwanzaa
The Participants of the Lord's Supper Muslin Message vs Christian
The best speech John Glenn ever made Arab Israeli Conflict - Here are the numbers
What's Wrong With This Picture? America The Beautiful by Judge Roy Moore
Zell Miller's Last Speech in the U.S. Senate!

The 50 US State Constitutions

Math and Creation Two Children Look at the Ten Commandments
Creations vs Evolution Free Moral Agency
Clarence Thomas 1 Clarence Thomas 2
Memorial Day Message 2005 Memorial Day 2005 Thoughts
Selected Founders Quotes Eminent Domain
Declaration of Independence The Price of Freedom
Is Freedom Christian?

London Bombing

War is Biblical Part I War is Biblical Part II
War is Biblical Part III What Judge Young said to the shoe bomber
Participating In Government The Star Spangled Banner
Evolution Radio Broadcast 16 Oct 2005 Thirty-two Trips to the Well
The Chronological Christmas Story The Written Word of God
On Pearl Harbor

In Memoriam: Forrest Johnson

Meditation Thoughts in Easter Week 2007

Veritas vos Liberabit 

A Death Observed Michelles

Eulogy Ė Richard A. Jewell

Some Notes and Observations to Daily Digest Readers

The SPIRIT OF FREEDOM: Godís Gift to Our Nation Passing of Preachers
True Biblical Womanhood Understanding the Times & Our Place in History