The following is an excerpt from writing I did a couple of weeks ago.  At the time my only intention was to put my thoughts on paper as a type of personal therapy.  Since it’s writing, these two paragraphs have remained prominent in my mind and I have felt an overwhelming need (which I believe to be God inspired) to share them publicly – something I have rarely done since my teenage years.  I do not claim to be any great writer. To be completely honest, I am a bit nervous knowing that this will go out to so many.  As I lay a piece of my heart open before you I can only pray that the Lord will accomplish His purpose through it.


(Daughter of Dr. M. Ford)


            I remember when my father broke his back.  The horror when it first happened, doctor’s visits, unpaid bills, all the worries and concerns over how to meet the needs of the moment and what the future might hold for my father physically and for our family financially.  It was hard for me to watch the man who had always been my own personal He-Man now struggle with simple things like standing up and walking across the room.  And the times that, no matter how strong the will, those once “simple” things would be impossible to him.  I remember my father said “You know there won’t be much Christmas this year” and the teary-eyed look reflecting a heart that desired to give to the one’s he loved.  But, there was just as much Christmas that year as any!  You see, Christ was still present in our lives and His joy was still in our hearts.  My parents had already given me the Best Gift anyone can give:  The knowledge of a loving Savior.

            This Christmas as I look at my two beautiful little girls I pray the Lord will help me pass that Gift on to them.  I want them to know that the true beauty of Christmas is not in the sparkling lights or packages with pretty bows.  It is an awesome God who loves us enough to humble Himself, coming to us, His creation, as a little baby.  A Gift big enough to save the whole world.

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