Are You Ready for the Lordís Return?


All down through history there has been believers expecting the Lordís eminent return.


A.     It was the position of the early church.

The Apostles spoke of it.

The persecuted saints looked toward it. Even when the tenth Roman persecution began, the saints knowing Bible prophecy and rejoicing that it would be their last trial from the Roman Empire never the less expected the Lordís return at the end.

B.     It was first disputed by the apostate church and unbelieving Jews.

The development of the Latin Vulgate text in order to undermine the Greek Vulgate which was related to the family of the Received Text had at the core of its purpose undermining the belief in the soon return of the Lord.

C.     It is necessary that their be a literal physical return of the Lord Jesus Christ in order fulfill Scripture.

1.      He shall come Himself (Acts 1:11)

2.      The dead shall hear His voice (John 5:28)

3.      He will minister to His watching servants (Luke 12:37)

4.      That He will come to earth again (Acts 1:11) to the same Mt Olivet from which He ascended (Zechariah 14:4)

5.      In flaming fire (2Thess 1:8)

6.      In the clouds of heaven with power and great glory (Matt 24:30; 1Peter 1:7; 4:13)

and much, much more is said in Godís Word about the subject.


Belief in the Lordís soon return has always been the belief of the missionary church. The great missionary preaching that inspired people to go out on the mission field in the past two centuries laid strong emphasis on the Lordís return.


A.     Apart from other matters of doctrine such as eternal security, manner of baptism, and church governmental structure, the missionary minded church has always pointed to the soon return of the Lord.

B.     The belief in the soon return of the Lord has lent urgency to missionary activity in times past.

C.     Groups who have not had the urgency of Christís soon return have often built themselves up by preying upon those who held this doctrine.

Events of first millennial year (1000ad)


The events of this present day point to the eminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ.


A.     The unrest in Israel and the expectation of the Messiah.

Persecution of both Jews and Christians in the world today.

B.     The resurrection of Russia and as a major player on the world scene.

1.      Russiaís alliances with groups mentioned as allied with Mother Russia or Rosh have become the major connections that she has.

2.      Events in Kosovo not only point to the influence of Russia, but also demonstrates the growing power of the apostate church out of which the false prophet will come.

3.      Current events also point to the growing power of the European Alliance out of which the revived Roman Empire spoke of by Daniel the Prophet, as ten toes mixed with miry clay will come.


We live in a century that has been replete with types of antichrists. This is one of the marks of the last days, that false christs and antichrists would abound.


A.     Two of the most prominent of the antichrist types was Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

1.      Hitlerís Swastika and the double Ďsí of his SS soldiers are occultic symbols.

2.      Mussoliniís fasces, the symbol of fascism were reminiscent of the abomination that maketh desolate the Roman Legions cerried into Jerusalem when it was destroyed in 70 A.D. 

B.     There have been more men who were types of antichrists such as Idi Amin and Sun Myung Moon. Each has helped to fulfill the prophecy about the abounding of such as we cam down to the end of the age.

C.     The greatest of the antichrist types of our age is currently the president of our nation. Let me give you  reasons he is a type as we move toward our closing.

  1. He does not regard the desire of women.
  2. He worships the god of forces.
  3. He speaks great swelling words full of vanity
  4. He deals falsely
  5. Who can make war with him.

a.       He beat legal entanglements over White Water, Travelgate, and a host of others.

b.      He beat efforts to impeach him though even the people who acquitted him admitted he was guilty.

c.       He has expended the resources of the nation overpowering people militarily.


Friends, because of time I cannot go any further toward demonstrating the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ is nearer than when we first believed. The question is are you prepared to meet Him in the air when He comes or will you be embarrassed or even lost on that day? The fact that Jesus is coming, that He might even come tonight is assured.

But if He comes tonight, tomorrow, next week or next year will you be found ready?



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