Evolution, Skeptics, and Badly Answered Questions

Dr. Michael L. Ford

July 2007


Good morning. I am so very glad to be here and sharing the Word of God with you this morning. Our Lord Jesus Christ said a time would come when that would be forbidden in John 9:4 and I do not think such a time is so far away. Some of you might be skeptical but I would suggest that you do not know your history or your current events.

Established religion has a long history of forbidding the truth being preached. The Prophet Amos was told to hold his words because where he was speaking was the king’s chapel, Amos 7:13. The place where he was preaching no longer belonged to God and the people he was addressing had turned their backs on Him. The Apostles and disciples of Christ were frequently forbidden to preach in the synagogues and things did not change over the years. The Roman Catholic Church after going through years of persecution along with the rest of Christendom joined the Roman Empire and then turned around and persecuted people who did not agree with them.

All through history there have been times when the preaching about the Lord Jesus Christ has not only been forbidden to some groups but to all  In recent times the Chinese spent years, and it has not completely ended by any means, persecuting Christianity. Hitler persecuted Christians, a fact that has been covered up in great measure for some reason. In several countries today it is a crime punishable by death to convert someone to Christianity. And, in our country, in the United States, there have been movements afoot to take the teaching of certain truths, such as homosexuality is a sin, and turn that into illegal hate speech. Right now in this country if you are critical and talk about politics and politicians, subjecting them to the light of Scriptural scrutiny you probably should not be surprised to see the Infernal Revenue Service coming after you and your church.

So why should you be surprised when I say things are going to get worse and I expect the words of our Lord to be fulfilled in our day? There is plenty of evidence that this has happened before and will happen again. I have been preaching on the subject of Last Days religion for over thirty years and we are moving toward seeing the religious system of Antichrist becoming full blown. But I am not chasing a rabbit, moving away from the sermon on the subject of evolution that was announced. I am actually moving towatd the subject, setting your mindset to consider why evolution should be against all evidence be accepted as fact and God as Creator be rejected by politicians and society in these Last Days. So pay close attention, you have not been misled in our sermon announcement.


            Now some of you do not believe you have heard a sermon unless it has a single underlying Scripture. You are not prepared to have someone speak from the Scripture with a multitude of references without having a single text upon which to hinge their subject, and usually I do not think this is a bad idea. The problem is that with preachers who are constantly preaching along the same subject you are likely to encounter men who have a dozen sermons which contain variant lines of information that can be related to a single Scripture passage and they really have to stretch to make it look like this is not so, because the fundamental treatise continually is expressed best by that passage. Having said that, now, I will give you my keynote Scripture text, one I have no doubt you have heard people preach from before concerning the subject of evolution. Turn in your Bibles to 2Peter chapter 3. We will be reading verses one thru 9:

1. This second epistle, beloved, I now write unto you; in both which I stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance:

2. That ye may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets, and of the commandment of us the apostles of the Lord and Saviour:

3. Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,

4. And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as [they were] from the beginning of the creation.

5. For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:

6. Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:

7. But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

8. But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

9. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

I want you to keep in mind that Peter was making a prophetic statement in this Scripture.

He was speaking about what would happen in the Last Days.

And, one thing more, the people he is speaking of are willingly ignorant about the true geological history of this world.

Now I will offer you something else you can also derive from thinking about the text. That is, the reason people are willingly ignorant is because to acknowledge the truth requires they must recognize also that they are sinners and must submit themselves to a higher authority.


            My sermon did take a variation from the one I had intended to preach on the subject of evolution, one I had preached in similar forms many times before. Let me tell you how that happened and you will begin to see how the subject  of being forbidden to speak the truth and evolution begin to intersect.

This weekend, while I was catching up on my reading in current affairs on the Internet, I locked into a series of video interviews of people who observe and write commentary on current events. Since these people are interesting writers and observers, I began to watch the video series covering interviews that had taken place over the last several months. In one of those interviews, a person who I believe comes from a Catholic background, remarked one of the candidates for president had made some very pro-evolutionary statements. Since this candidate’s remarks might alienate him with many on the Christian right and perhaps a majority of people in the United States, who while not necessarily saved people nevertheless believe in Creation by a Supreme Being, he wondered how this was going to affect his chances for the presidency? The interview spent over thee minutes discussing this during which the commentator affirmed that he agreed with the candidates statements, but that  was not the point. He spoke slightingly of those ignorant people across the land who believed Creation occurred just as the Bible says it did.

Oh, and one thing more. Though the candidate has now seen a couple of weeks go by and the issue of his remarks has not been raised…I would not have known about it except I found the interview going through this video archive. I am fairly certain that the liberal media who just loves exposing a so-called conservative candidate did not see his pro-evolutionary remarks as all that scandalous.

            There is an important mindset being expressed here. It is one held by the commentator even though he is not considered on the liberal side. It is probably a view held by the presidential candidate in question. And it is an attitude that is certainly alive and well among the mainstream media and in the court system of the United States. That is there is something wrong with people who believe in Creation. The courts have repeatedly found on the side of evolutionists against Creationists who want that view taught in public schools in a fair and balanced way. Did you realize that Christians are now struggling to get back less than what was once the standard practice of teaching in America’s public schools? In less than a century God and Creation has been expelled from the nation’s classrooms. And look at what has happened to society in the process.

            Let me give you an example of what evolutionary thinking does for you. Most of you are old enough to remember when Mad Cow disease was first diagnosed in Great Britain in 1986. Well do you remember that one of the first theories proposed by the people trying to find an explanation and a cure for the thing was that cows in Britain had developed a tendency toward contracting the disease through evolution? But meat from animals infected with Mad Cow disease, particularly internal organs, were getting into the food supply and humans were coming down with Mad Cow disease as well, so the search did not stop there. Later, the theory did change and it was decided that because sheep parts were being put into the feed for cattle, the cows, which were natural vegetation eaters were contracting Mad Cow disease. I remember including the subject in a sermon back then pointing out that such a thing might be theorized from studying God’s dietary laws in the Bible, but I had no press reporters coming to me to question me further about that you can be sure.

            The media liked the evolution theory of Mad Cow disease best of all, even after it had been debunked. No surprise, modern textbooks today still give hoaxes exposed seventy and more years ago as evidence for evolution. The writers of the textbooks cannot give up any so-called evidence even when they know it is wrong. Speaking of Mad Cow disease. In 2005 a new theory about Mad Cow disease came along, one you might find interesting. It seems Britain had been buying bones from such countries as Pakistan and India and grinding it into its feed supply a couple of decades before Mad Cow disease appeared. Now the problem with that was this; because of how these countries handle their dead a great deal of human bones and even body parts had also been getting into the food supply. So there was a headline carried in the Associated Press back then labeled A New Twist on Evolution by the Federalist Press: "Theory: Mad Cow May Have Come From Humans"

            Now I have my own Mad Cow Evolutionary Theory for the problems in the United States. You see America has turned its back on God and instead now seeks its own will and way. The result is that since 1955, while the world has been seeing another prophetic statement being fulfilled “a woman shall compass a man” Jeremiah 31:22, so in America we have seen a new form of Mad Cow disease. A Mad Cow is leading one half the Congress and a Mad Cow in the other half of Congress is running for president and we have one Mad Cow still left on the Supreme Court who hates God and all things righteous and has been causing trouble, having spasms, for years. …That’s my theory of Mad Cow Evolution in the United States. Now if any of you ladies are upset about me calling them Mad Cows, I promise to quit calling them that just s soon as they quit acting bovines on loco weed and demonstrate they have been cured of the disease..


            Evolution and the denial of the evidence of God as Creator is fundamental to the belief system that will hold sway in the Last Days. Evolution is not a science my friends, it is a religion. I say it is a religion because it proposes to answer four philosophical questions that can only be correctly answered through the One True Religion. These four questions are:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where did I come from?
  3. What am I doing here?
  4. Where am I going?

Let me tell you how evolution answers these questions:

Concerning the question “Who Am I?” evolution says you are but an accident. You see, life is an anomaly in the universe. When we look out over the universe we do not find signs of life. We have had telescopes and listening devices pointed into the heavens for years and so far we have found no signs of life. This planet is the only place we know of that has life…but we are not too sure about Mars. But if there is life out there, because we are evolutionists, you can be sure its forms of life have evolved differently than ours, and intelligent life is unlikely, and if it exists it will not be like the life on this planet. (But then some evolutionists are not too sure about UFOs.) But anyway life should not have evolved and intelligent life is even more unreasonable so there you are, you are but an accident, a freak of nature.

            Next we come to the question of “Where did I come from?” To this evolution has a wonderful answer. You see there was some chemicals floating around the earth in what was something of a primordial soup and one day they came together in just the right combination when a spark of electricity, perhaps a bolt of lightning like what animates Frankenstein’s monster in the movies, or something else occurred, we don’t know exactly what, and presto there was a tiny cell of life. Then one day this tiny cell had cramps gave a grunt and there was two of them. This grunting and dividing went on for quite a long time with changes occurring between the various grunters and dividers depending on what they had to eat and how hot and cold it was till one day something crawled up on dry land and things really got rolling then till one day an ape swinging through the trees stood up straight and decided he was a man. I could put in more detail but there is not a whole lot of agreement among so-called evolutionary scientists about details you understand. So I just have to give you the basic lowdown on what evolution has to say about where you came from.

Bext we have to get on to the evolutionist’s concept of what you are doing here. That one is pretty sumple. Since life began by accident and you are nothing more than an evolved ape there exists no purpose or reason behind your existence. You are just here until you die and since life is without purpose it does not matter if we kill our unborn, our young, or even each other. That is, unless the State executes certain criminals and that is wrong. Why it is wrong we are not quite sure since life has no real purpose and there is no standard of righteousness, and no accountability other than what we make on this earth. Because life is no meaningless and so hopeless one professor in one of the State supported colleges told his students for years you might as well go ahead and commit suicide. When I first heard of that I suggested that he show his students how by doing so himself but to my knowledge he never took me up on my recommendation. For some reason these evolutionists who find life’s beginnings so accidental and everything about life so meaningless insist on hanging around trying to confuse and disillusion everyone else.

Now we come to the fourth and final question, “Where am I going?” and examine the evolutionists answer to that. His answer is you are going down to the dust unless he can persuade you to cremate yourself and then I guess you will be going down to the ash. But don’t make an ash of yourself in India or Pakistan because sometimes they don’t have enough firewood to do a complete job of it so you might wind up as part of a Mad Cow. Otherwise when you die the evolutionist says that you just die and that is the end of the matter. You life has had no meaning and there is nothing beyond the grave. Ultimately the earth and the entire solar system will be destroyed in some way if only by a failing sun and nothing anyone does will have any meaning in the grand scheme of things, which is no scheme at all but entirely an accident.

Now, I have given you the down and dirty of evolutionary belief. It might have come as quite a surprise to some of you but if you think about it you know this is what they have been saying all along.


            Remember once again what the four questions are:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where did I come from?
  3. What am I doing here?
  4. Where am I going?

I want you to keep them in mind as we now consider God’s answer to these questions.

To the first question “Who am I?” God says you are His specific Creation made in His image to be His representative upon this earth. Though your ancestor Adam broght sin into the world and afflicted you with the inheritance of sin so that you are a sinner by nature, God has planted His love on you to such a degree that He paid the price for your sin in the Person of His own dear son. That is what the verse children learn early, John 3:16 is all about.

To the second question of “Where did I come from?” God says you are fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139) That He supervised your formation in your mother’s womb personally so there are no mistakes of birth. What we call birth defects are not mistakes but the result of sin in the world. They happen because God has a plan to use even them for His divine purposes. No one is ever born accidentally female when they should be a man or vice versa. God supervises each person’s construction personally and you are unique from all other human beings that have ever been born even if you should have what we call an identical twin you are nevertheless a unique and special person.

            The third question of “What am I doing here?” is suggested by the first two responses. You have been put on this earth to worship God and to adore Him always. Your life is supposed to be a testimony and reflection of His love. Not only that He has a special and unique plan for you that only you can fulfill. Every day of your life should be filled with purpose. Your whole life has meaning that is chronicled in God’s ledgers and remembered for all eternity. It may not always be easy, in fact it probably will not be, but challenges will be opportunities for you to represent God to a lost and dying world.

And finally, we have the fourth question “Where am I going?” Well, you are going one of two places to spend eternity. If you choose in this life to accept God’s plan for your life, beginning with accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, one day you are going to be with the Lord. If you choose to reject God’s plan for your life, unlike what the evolutionist teaches you do not merely get to cease to exist. Instead you go down to a place called hell that was prepared for the devil and his angels, not for you at all.

“The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” 2Peter 3:9 - God would have all men to be with Him one day. That is why He never made a special place to send rebellious men, who reject Him, like the evolutionists, but they have to share hell with the devil. God always wanted men who reject Him to repent before it is too late.

            I don’t know about you but I like God’s explanation of things a whole lot more than the evolutionists. And you know what, God’s explanation of things actually makes a whole lot more sense than does the evolutionist’s. There is something inside each one of us that tells us that we are not here by accident, our lives are intended to have purpose, and it is not all over when this body dies. As I get older and I look at my body age I feel more and more separated from it knowing that what I see in the mirror is not the real me, but a faint shell that hold’s my soul within it for a time until I am given a new body and a glorified one that shall never get old and wear out.


            People are having a harder time coming to faith now than they once used to I think. Society and the public educational system want to convert you to the religion of the evolutionist and consign you to a life of hopelessness and defeat. Then you have the false prophets of the age. Many of them pretend to be Christian, they are the ravening wolves and clouds without water that were prophesied to come in the Book of Jude. Their presence is no light matter and the world gives them a hearing they deny to people like me.

            One of these people is a man called Bishop Spong, once the most senior Episcopal Bishop in America, he came up with his own thesis in imitation of Martin Luther. This Bishop Spong is described as an ardent evolutionist. In his writings he has rejected the bodily Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Birth. He went so far as to say, “The virgin birth, understood as literal biology, makes Christ’s divinity, as traditionally understood, impossible … The view of the cross as the sacrifice for the sins of the world is a barbarian idea.” Do you wonder why with people like this in pulpits it might be hard for some people to come to faith. Bishop Spong, being an evolutionist and an apostate, must reject the basic tenets of the gospel. His destructive theology is a direct result of believing in evolution. For example, he has also said, “The biblical story of the perfect and finished creation from which human beings fell into sin is a pre-Darwinian mythology and post-Darwinian nonsense.” People who follow Bishop Spong, who I have heard now has a place on a pornographic Internet website must be confused because they have to believe his nonsense.

            Spong, because he accepts evolution, realizes he has to reject the Fall of Man and thus the origin of sin. Once someone no longer believes Genesis, which tells of Creation not evolution, then the foundation for Christian faith is gone. Ultimately they have to reject the Resurrection and Virgin Birth … just as Spong did, they have to reject salvation and eternal life.

            We have lots of Spong’s roaming about the world today, sending people to hell. The lies of evolution coming from the pulpits are even more evil than those coming from political leaders, political commentators and public mis-education.


            You will remember that I started out this sermon on evolution talking about people in high places who believe in evolution and having a low opinion of those who believe in Creation. After showing you the superiority of the teaching of God’s Word over the faith of the evolutionist I again pointed out that some of Christianity’s greatest enemies are not those in government but those in pulpits, who would prohibit the truth being proclaimed. I want to point out to you as I move toward a close that the spirit of antagonism toward God also rests within those who disquise themselves in clerical garb, many who are quite well known to us. One of my favorite rebels that I talk about is the man Jesse Jackson. After Hurricane Katrina the Theologically Challenged Jesse Jackson said "When [President Bush] tours the Gulf region...I hope he will stand on a pile of rubble [as he did after 9/11]. And he will look up to the heavens and say to God, 'You're responsible for this. And soon you will hear from us'." Well, President Bush for all his failings did not do that. But as for Jesse Jackson, this is the sort of man, a spiritual leader, who will encourage the armies of the world to come out with the intent to resist our LORD when He is coming to this earth just as we read of in prophecy. He is willing to shake his fist at God and proclaim that finite man is capable of making an infinite God “hear from him.” It is my belief that the False Prophet who supports Antichrist will be an evolutionist.

            I hope you are getting an idea of just how evil the religion of evolution is.


            Years ago Martin Luther made this statement in his pamphlet addressed “To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation Concerning the Reform of the Christian Estate” in the year 1520,

“I would advise no one to send his child where the Holy Scriptures are not supreme. Every institution that does not unceasingly pursue the study of God’s word becomes corrupt. Because of this we can see what kind of people they become in the universities and what they are like now. Nobody is to blame for this except the pope, the bishops, and the prelates, who are all charged with training young people. The universities only ought to turn out men who are experts in the Holy Scriptures, men who can become bishops and priests, and stand in the front line against heretics, the devil, and all the world. But where do you find that? I greatly fear that the universities, unless they teach the Holy Scriptures diligently and impress them on the young students, are wide gates to hell.”

            What he said then is just as important and true now as it was then.


            I call on you this morning to repent if you have harbored any evolutionary thought or belief in your life. And, if you have never asked the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your life as your Lord and Savior I plead with you to do so even as we sing a song of invitation.


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