Chapel: Thoughts on Children

Question: Why do we see children suffer in this world?


I. Christianity

      1. The general beliefs of Christians about children

            a. Divine gift

            b. Having children is to be desired.

            c. Children bring joy

            d. Comforting to old age.

            e. The example of how to approach God

      2. The belief of Christians about children who die in infancy.

            a. The belief babies go to heaven. 2 Samuel 12:23

            b. Discussion of the thinness of this position.

                  (1) The age of accountability.

            c. Discussion of the benefit of this belief.


II. The worldview towards children

      1. The general view – sees children as an asset.

            a. It is built by God into man’s nature to love children.

      2. Jewish view – Closely parallels the Christian view.

a. An individual is a child until about 12 or 14 when they become a young adult.

      3. The Islamic view –

            a. children until age 5 are angels.

            b. tolerance of young children then heavy discipline.

                  (1) boys preferential treatment.

                  (2) my observation of this (Turkish experience)

            c. Mutilation of children to make beggars.

            (Lybian experience)


III. The view of  Satan towards children

      1. Satan hates children because he hates mankind.

2. He seeks to corrupt childish innocence because this is the example of how people must come to salvation in simple trust.

3. He seeks to destroy children because they are human.

      1. Made in God’s image.

      2. Fewer children/ fewer humans in future.

            a. Abortion

            b. China limits births

            c. How Islam wages war.


Closing- We should not be amazed when we see evil done to children.


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