F i r s t   L e s s o n



A friend asked for advice on the first things to teach a new convert. Here are some things I see as essential.


1.      The new convert should be taught to respect the Word of God as the sole authority for faith and practice. (If it is not in the written word, it is not the Word of God no matter who says it.) These days we also have to teach people to discern which book that presents itself as God’s Word really is, since there are many deceivers. This is not new. The Apostle Paul had problems with people sending out false epistles claiming to be from him in his day.

2.      The new convert should be taught new habits. He or she should make such things as prayer, Bible study, and thinking on the things of God as they go through their day the habitual manner in which they live.

3.      The new convert should be lead to understand the unity of the godhead. Even though the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three Persons, they are not three gods but one God. They are one in purpose, not operating separately.

4.      The new convert should be lead to understand that the biggest issue between God and themselves is always their self. God is first interested in their spiritual relationship towards Him at all times before He is interested in their service or any other subject.

5.      The new convert should understand that the grace and the faith that saved came from God and that which keeps them does also. With that issue settled, only then can the desire for holiness and separation from temptations of the world, flesh, and the devil become the expressions of love toward Him who set them free from the bonds of sin and death.

6.      The new convert should understand that their new life in Christ has a day when they will “have arrived.” On that day they will truly be a spiritual giant awesome to behold. It will be the day they arrive in the presence of their Lord Jesus Christ, who loved them and gave Himself for them.