Judge Roy Moore


Standing in the gap for God and the American Way


His Ruling on Child Custody

by Homosexuals Reveals

The Perversion of their Lifestyle


A report compiled and prepared by


Michael L. Ford, Th.D.




Introduction                                                                              1

            How Judge Roy Moore is the focus of the ire of those who hate God and America


The Event                                                                                 2-4

                How the routine event of writing the opinion on an unanimous Supreme Court case once again made  Judge Moore the

                focus of evil doers ire.


The Folly of the Religious Left                                       5-6

                How the liberal apostates attack on Judge Moore operates to demonstrate their folly to the world and

                embarrass believers who make the mistake of continuing to support them.


The Rally                                                                                  7-9

                How a preplanned rally altered into a gathering to attack Judge Roy Moore still could only turn up about

                a hundred demonstrators including officials and reporters.

The Aftermath                                                                          10-11

                How saner voices speak to condemn those who spoke in haste against Judge Moore.


Who Is Chief Justice Roy Moore                                              12-13

                The official biography of Roy Moore taken from the Alabama Supreme Court internet site.




            The perverts of the nation cannot stand it that there is someone who is willing to stand, even stand alone, against them. They hate it that there is a man in a place of responsibility who is not only doing the right thing but is succeeding in continuing to do it over and over again.

            The liberal and depraved judges who have slipped into office during those days of folly when liberal presidents are in office cannot stand it that there is a man of principle that also occupies the judicial bench who will not be intimidated by them. These libertines have generally got into the positions they occupy because elected liberal presidents used their appointments to placate their depraved constituency.[1] Many are so evil and consumed in their hatred for God and American principles that they refuse to render rulings in accordance with established law, and they hate Judge Moore for doing so.

            Today the voices that are heard and quoted without criticism in religious circles are those who are attacking some tenet of the faith they claim to hold. Through his stand for the truth's of the Bible and the fact the Word of God is the backbone of American law, Judge Roy Moore has frequently rubbed these infidels and heretics noses in the vomit of their own corruption. In short his stand has stood as an indictment of these charlatans of the faith.

            Honesty on the part of someone in the public eye is refreshing, morality is astounding, ethics are unusual, consistency is surprising, and genuineness is unheard of. But this is the man and kind of judge Roy Moore seems to be. This is a report of one episode in the life of this hero of the faith.


The Event


            On February the fifteenth, the Alabama State Supreme Court made a ruling related to the case of a lesbian mother who was seeking to win custody of her three teenage children from their father. As is common in divorce custody cases these days the lesbian mother charged her former husband with being physically and verbally abusive.[2] The Supreme Court in a 9-0 verdict found that that this was not the case.

                The media, and in particular the more liberal parts of it grossly mislead their reading public in their presentation of the facts of this case.[3] For instance they reported that a state appellate court had agreed with the mother's complaint. What they did not say was that the original trial court, which is correctly vested with being the authority most capable of making such findings had ruled to the contrary.

            The court in its finding indicated that the appellate court had acted wrongly saying:

The appellate court must not substitute its judgment or "reweigh the evidence," but will reverse only if the trial court has abused its discretion or if that court's determination so lacks factual support as to be plainly and palpably wrong…The trial court is in the best position to hear the evidence, to observe the witnesses, and, therefore, to sit in judgment of disputed evidence presented ore tenus … An appellate court oversteps its bounds when it presumes itself the superior arbiter of testimony previously viewed, heard, and judged -- in living color -- by a trial judge elected to do precisely that.

            Though the Supreme Court made its ruling unanimously, the perverts and hedonists chose to turn their ire, vent their spleens, in the direction of Judge Roy Moore who wrote the detailed opinion that can now be read on the internet. One of the reasons for their outrage, besides the fact they need someone to hate, is that they know that this opinion should be a factor that is weighed in subsequent court decisions for many years to come.

            The opinion of Judge Moore was unfairly characterized by the liberal wordsmiths as an unleashed torrent of abhorrent rhetoric, and with other such expressions.[4] Actually his opinion was an even handed presentation of the history of related law, the facts of the case, and the truths of the reality of homosexual behavior as has been codified in Alabama law. He did point out that the mother's lifestyle was detrimental to the children and in fact illegal in that State.

            Some of the statements contained in his finding helps to clarify what we are speaking of here:

Referring to another case symbolized by the initials J.M.F, Judge Moore observed there;

the mother and her lesbian partner had "established a two-parent home environment where their homosexual relationship [was] openly practiced and presented to the child as the social and moral equivalent of a heterosexual marriage." In doing so, this Court said that the mother had "chosen to expose the child continuously to a lifestyle that is 'neither legal in this state, nor moral in the eyes of most of its citizens.'"

Going to a case preceding that the Judge said;

Only months before its decision in J.M.F., this Court, in awarding a mother only restricted visitation rights held that "the trial court did not abuse its discretion in considering the effects on the children of their mother's ongoing lesbian relationship." …This Court held that the restriction of visitation was a "common tool{} used to shield a child from the harmful effects of a parent's illicit sexual relationships -- heterosexual or homosexual." …Moreover, this Court noted that because "conduct inherent in lesbianism is illegal in Alabama," the mother was "continually engaging in conduct that violates the criminal law of this state."

Coming to the case at hand and with an established basis in law the judge proclaimed:

Exposing her children to such a lifestyle, one that is illegal under the laws of this state and immoral in the eyes of most of its citizens, could greatly traumatize them. Given both the demonstrable harm to these children that has already occurred and the potential for harm through continued exposure to their mother's lifestyle, we cannot hold that the trial court abused its discretion in imposing these limitations on [the mother's] visitation.

Judge Moore in making his finding was not only on solid Biblical, ethical, and moral ground, but was also firmly ensconced on solid legal ground. But the people who write the news, the activist groups, and the liberal religious leaders would have you to believe this is not so.


The Folly of the Religious Left


            Weighing in on the side of perversion, as is normal for the religious left, they once again took this opportunity to parade their ignorance. For instance the Rev. Timothy Holder, rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Birmingham,[5] characterized Judge Moore's opinion as "unnecessary." He is apparently unaware that such concurring opinions are written all the time as are dissenting opinions and both are important to the future of case law. It is actually preferential to consider him as merely ignorant and not part of that group of people who believe the only ones who have a right to speak are those who agree with them.[6]

            It was this same Timothy Holder, who read a statement on behalf of Bishop Henry N. Parsley Jr. of the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama that succeeded in scandalizing and embarrassing members of the conservative element of that church. Many members of the Episcopal church have become so alienated by the heretical ideas of many who live of their tithe that they have abandoned the denomination altogether.

            Among other things Bishop Parsley was quoted as saying, " it is dangerous to label any group of human beings inherently evil. "Such statements ... can lead to fear, prejudice and violence that tear at the fabric of our life together," In this statement he either displayed ignorance or was guilty of mischaracterizing what the Judge had said.[7]

             The Right Reverend Mark Andrus joined with Bishop Parsley in the statement that declares; ." We recognize that the subject of homosexuality is and has been a complex and controversial one in society and in the history of the Christian Church." The truth is that the subject of homosexuality is not complex, but rather simple. The issue is a gross and reprehensible sin that some people in church hierarchies want to see condoned and tolerated for one reason or another.

            In recent times the pedophilia and other sexual excesses that have existed for centuries in some groups have come to the fore and become part of the common knowledge. A great many people are tolerant of certain sins because of the gross activities they are involved in; others are tolerant because of the liberal theology and unbiblical practices they have chosen to believe; still others endorse these activities because of financial reward or fear of losing their retirements.[8]

            Not everyone who spoke out from religious circles was on the side of the leftist preachers who got so much of the attention. Dean Young, executive director of the Gadsden-based Christian Family Association, weighed in on the side of Judge Moore in response to these so-called preachers. He said the criticism of Moore came from "a fringe group" that he called "a gnat on the rear end of an elephant." "What we've seen here really is an embarrassment to the people, especially the people that go to these churches," said Young. He went on to say, "It is an absolute shame to have people that are calling themselves men of God to stand up here and condone the homosexual lifestyle." He called homosexuality "a deviant, destructive lifestyle" and said pastors who condone it need to "need to get another job."[9] To this we say. Amen.

            But men who speak the truth do not get the coverage of a Bishop John Shelby Spong who has proven himself the darling of the pornographers and others who practice evil on the internet since his retirement. His recent work, Homosexuality and the Bible, once again served to display his total lack of Biblical doctrine as well as a perverse view of history. Many have openly wondered how much longer God will allow this man to continue displaying his heresies before He acts. This writer is convinced that the reason that God has not acted is because the church neglected its Scriptural mandate to discipline him.

The Rally


A rally had been scheduled for the Tuesday night following Judge Moore's opinion. It was planned to take place on the steps of the Alabama state capitol in Montgomery to mark the three-year anniversary of the death of Billy Jack Gaither. The homosexual leadership used the fact they already had people lined up to come to help them stage a demonstration against Roy Moore that evening.

            It seems the homosexual community has tried to turn Gaither's death into a "cause celeb" and they use childhood pictures of this homosexual who was murdered at the age of thirty-nine to manipulate people's thinking. 


  In the weeks following that killing, the two men who were charged with and convicted of the crime came forward to police as the killers: They were Steven Mullins and Charles Monroe Butler. Butler, the younger of the two, came forward to police first. He described the night of the murder in great detail. He told how he had never heard of Billy Jack Gaither prior to the night of the killing. He said his friend Steve Mullins found him at a bar playing pool and asked him to take a ride into the woods them. Apparently Billy Jack's "talking queer stuff" set off a more violent reaction in Butler than had been planned. Both Butler and Mullins were found guilty of the same charge in Gaither's death in 1999 and were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.[10]

            The profiteering and other capitalization on Gaither's death was set aside for the moment when an opportunity arose to use the occasion to attack Judge Moore. We do not know if they went ahead with the sale of such things as Billy Jack t-shirts or not.

            The hatred of the basis of the American jurisprudence being based on "nature's God" lead lesbian Lorri Jean to call for Moore's recall from the bench at the rally.[11] As is usual with such people they think they law should suddenly be altered to accommodate them. The likelihood is that they may yet succeed in accomplishing their goals if they can coerce or otherwise influence enough people to do nothing.

            As is common among the ignorant there was much talk about separation of church and state. There exists a fiction that such a thing exists in the American constitution. Actually the constitution prevents the United States government from going about the establishing of an official church or interfering in the workings of any church. Such terms as the separation of church and state have a great deal to do with the communist system, not the American.  But people who have an agenda of their own continue to use it as shown in the following  quote from an article which  reads:

"At this time in our national life, when we struggle against terrorists who don't hesitate to mix religion and politics and label all who disagree as 'infidels,' it should be obvious why we separate church and state in America," the Rev. Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, said in a prepared statement read during the rally.

            We must point out to our readers should they place too much stock in the size of the homosexual community or their commitment to the demonstration or even Billy Jack Gaither that the estimate of attendees was only approximately a hundred. We do not even know how many of those were reporters and  homosexual organization officials.

            From what I have been able to conclude from reports that we have seen, people who did not stand for the extreme were not welcome to interject any measure of sanity into the rally's rhetoric. However Scott Barnett, a spokesman for Moore, was quoted as saying after the rally that Moore "ruled according to the law, and I would encourage everyone to read the court's opinion in its entirety." This is not likely to happen since it would not further the program of the perverts.

             People like George Olsson, a coordinator for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Alabama would much rather stand up and say that the Alabama Legislature should amend the state's hate-crime law to provide increased penalties for crimes against people because of their sexual orientation. This would have the effect of making them a privileged group. Since crimes committed against them currently have the same status as crimes committed against others, they enjoy equal protection under the law.

            One individual writing commentary on the events noted that the Bishops who spoke at the rally:

…equate "homosexuality" the sin with people - homosexuals. They state something very different from that which was stated by the judge. Leave it up to bishops in ECUSA to twist the truth.

It seems that he keyed on a truth that should not be forgotten, and that is the biblical truth that a sin of the flesh is a sin against a person's own body and it cannot be separated from the person. To be homosexual is by admission to be a person indulging in the sin of homosexuality, otherwise known as sodomy.

Flee fornication.

Every sin that a man doeth is without the body,

but he that committeth fornication

sinneth against his own body.

                                                                                       1Corinthians 6:18


The Aftermath


Fr. Thomas J. Cairns wrote to Mark Andrus of Alabama with what amounted to a rather mild reproof. He addressed him with great civility and proper decorum. The answer he received was not in the same vein. This writer noted that Bishop Andrus did not address Fr. Cairns according to his title, which would have been good manners. As one who is on the cutting edge of resistance to the decline of the Christian witness, I can tell you that those who love apostasy and heresy in whatever denomination they might be found follow this same pattern. They regularly omit the use of proper titles and forms of address when speaking and replying to those taking a conservative, fundamental, or biblical stance.

The reproof Fr. Cairns delivered to Bishop Andrus is reproduced below as it was sent to me by Fr. Kim:[12]


Dear Bishop Andrus,

I have read your press release with great interest and with some concern. I certainly agree that we must beware demonizing any group of persons. I have looked carefully to determine if "This opinion by Judge Moore risks demonizing a minority group in our population and puts them at risk." It does NOT! The Chief Justice does not attack the sinner, but solidly condemns the sin. In this day and age in which we see more and more headlines of cases of priests charged with molesting children, we cannot have our courts demonizing priests. Judge Moore would carefully and firmly condemn the ACT committed by the priest as would our Lord. Somehow this bit of discernment has been lost within the leadership of the Episcopal Church. Indeed, Bishop Andrus, your very press release suggests to me that you are practicing an agenda of false prophecy. I shall pray for you.

Faithfully, in Christ,                  

Fr. Thomas J. Cairns,              

Anglican Church in America,    

Columbia, TN.            

One piece of e-mail I received contained this statement that was evidently aimed at one of the pro-pervert crowd:

A Mobile Register poll of a few days ago, clearly demonstrates a mandate for the ruling by the Chief Justice in denying adoption rights for gays. Such a ruling is quite in line with Alabama law. After all, it is the welfare of the children that is critical in these matters rather than catering to the whims of a marginal group whose chosen behavior is at odds with the norm...therefore would most certainly pose a social disadvantage to any children thus adopted. Birmingham religious liberals are pouring fuel on the fire ignited by this controversy by bringing in Jack Spong, who, to be as kind as possible, is a very misguided rabble rouser with very little theological credibility. His inevitable comments will stir the pot more vigorously and further undercut the position of the religious left in this matter. I would suggest liberals such as yourself should be more tolerant in your views and certainly more moderate in your actions. Those actions are providing Justice Moore with an increasing bandwagon of public support that could have substantial implications for Alabama politics for years to come. You certainly have not served your cause well. >>

If the above is truly the result of the leftwing actions taken against Judge Roy Moore thus far, we are indeed pleased. And, from the quality of character demonstrated by him thus far we suspect that he would consider all that he has had to endure worthwhile.



Who Is Chief Justice Roy Moore


The following biography is lifted from the official page of the Alabama Supreme Court.


Twenty-eighth Chief Justice

Roy S. Moore is a native of Etowah County, Alabama. He graduated from Etowah High School in 1965 and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1969 from the United States Military Academy at West Point then Moore returned to Alabama, where he completed his Juris Doctorate Degree in 1977 from The University of Alabama School of Law.

Judge Moore served our country as a Captain in the Military Police Corps of the United States Army. He also served as Battalion Staff Officer at Ft. Riley, Kansas, and as a Company Commander in Vietnam. During his professional career, Judge Moore became the first full-time Deputy District Attorney in Etowah County and served in this position from 1977 until 1982. He returned to private law practice in Gadsden, until he was elected Circuit Judge, Place Number One of the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit in Gadsden. Judge Moore served in this capacity from 1992 until his election as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama.

Judge Moore has received a number of national honors during his career. In 1995, he was presented with the George Washington Honor Medal from the National Freedom Foundation in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. In 1997 he received the Bill of Rights award, the Christian Statesman of the Year Award, the Spirit of America Founders Award and the God and Country Award. Judge Moore continued to be honored in 1998 by the United States Taxpayer's Party, who presented him with the Andrew Jackson Champion of Liberty Award. Kentucky Governor Paul Patton awarded Judge Moore the highest honor awarded by the State of Kentucky and the Delaware House of Representatives honored him with Resolution No. 47. That same year, the State of California Republican Assembly endorsed Judge Moore by formal resolution at their annual convention calling him a "tireless defender of individual freedom and liberties."

In 1999, Judge Moore received the Family, Faith, and Freedom Citation presented by the Family Research Council in Washington, DC. He also received the 1999 National Spirit of Life Award from the African American Family Association and Michigan Governor John Engler and the State of Michigan presented him with a special tribute, calling Judge Moore, "a great American and an honorable judge."

Judge Moore has appeared on the Today Show, 20/20, NBC Nightly News, ABC World News, CHH, CBN's "700 Club", Dr. D. James Kennedy's "Coral Ridge Hour", James Dobson's "Focus on the Family", C-Span, and other numerous national and regional radio and television programs. Articles concerning Judge Moore have appeared in USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Times, the Washington Post, the Houston Chronicle, the Atlanta Constitution, and others.

Judge Moore has authored numerous articles, and poetry. Among his selected writings are "Religion In The Public Square", published by Cumberland Law Review, Cumberland School of Law, Volume 29, No.2, 1998-1999, and "Putting God Back in the Public Square", Imprimis, Hillsdale College, Volume 28, No. 8, August, 1999.

Judge Moore is married to Kayla Moore and they have four children, Heather, Roy, Caleb and Micah. They are members of the First Baptist Church of Gallant, AL.


May God bless Judge Roy Moore



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