Michael L. Ford. Th.D.


             This booklet was written after a great week of team teaching of a seminar in prophecy with my good friend Dr. Paul Pettyjohn. I wish all that happened during that week could be shared with you, but that is of course not possible. This little booklet is a continuation of the thinking on the subject that came out of the week. It contains some of the things we talked about to the class and some things that went unsaid or unthought of in the heat of teaching and following an instruction plan.

            Biblical prophecy has been a passion with me since about 1975 when I got serious about the Bible in a way I never had before. I often tell people that I have been waking up surprised that the Lord did not come in the prior night since 1976. But the truth is my interest was developed by being close to the action of Godís working in human history, particularly in the momentous events that took place in 1967 and 1973. I think God took me places and allowed me to see and learn of things for His own purposes in my life that has to do with what I should say to others who would read my words and listen to my teaching.

            This little work is not an exhaustive enterprise by any means and I intend to bring together notes from studies and teaching of past years in subsequent booklets that will be more focused in specific areas. But I think information and insights in this particular work is significant and worth the readerís time, not because they come from me, but because I think they include things that the Lord has shown me along the way as I studied His Word. If there is merit in the work, it is to the praise of His glory, and if there is demerit, the fault lies at my door. I can say that I have tried to be most careful in what is presented knowing there is a day of ultimate accountability.

            In this booklet what will be of most interest to the majority of readers is likely to be the pages on the subject of Antichrist. I think there are some things here that have not been presented in quite this way anywhere else. This is important in my estimation because the way things are put together can affect and effect understanding. What I have done may make clear what has been confusing to some interested in the subject. My sole hope is that the reader will be blessed and their dedication and loyalty to the Lord Jesus Christ will be increased.