Some Questions and Answers

About the Roman Catholic Church


Compiled, Edited and Arranged by

Dr. Michael L. Ford




            With the death of Pope John Paul II, some people have started giving thought to what the Roman Catholic Church is

beyond all the hype, which some have correctly referred to as “smoke and mirrors,” a reference to how magicians

and mediums have often sought to fool the public. It is a proper term to use in relation to Rome and one you will see if you

 learn the truth about the Roman Catholic Church. That is a learning process I hope to begin in you with this booklet.

The cover picture was taken off the official website of Pope John Paul II. Since it is an official picture they can

 hardly object if I use the picture as representative of them and their institution: There are two things I would

like you to notice right away.  The first is the keys in the upper right hand portion of the picture. They remind

of the claim that the Roman Church and its leader claim direct authority from Peter, who they say was the first

 Pope and has the keys to heaven and hell. They claim this in spite of the fact that:

1. Peter was the Apostle to the Jews; not Gentiles;

2. There is no evidence he was ever in Rome; and

3. The claim Peter holds the keys is based on Scripture twisting, a talent Rome has in abundance.

      The second thing is that the staff held by the dead Pope is no shepherd’s staff, but it does have

upon it the figure of Christ hanging on the cross. The religion of Rome seeks to make Christ a continuing

 sacrifice in spite of the fact Scripture teaches the Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed but once. Both of these

 claims are not about their concern for the salvation of men, but about having power over men.

            The information presented in this booklet is both gleaned from others and some portion is written

directly by myself. I have not tried to separate what portion is what in the booklet because even that which

comes from others is heavily edited and because there is limited space on these pages to record information.

 I considered it more important to make the information available to you quickly than prepare tedious footnotes.

I have tried to take the utmost care to be completely accurate in all that is within these covers. My only

purpose is to bring people to the truth.

The Importance of Pope John Paul II


            Dr Joseph Chambers addressed the importance of this last Pope, perhaps more concisely than

 any other single person who understands the evils of Rome has managed to do. He produced a number

 of ways in which this Pope has played a role in setting things up for End Time events, calling him

“The Most Prophetic Pope of Catholic History.” Below is the list of the late Pope’s accomplishments.

* Brought Israel within the circle of his embrace.

* Opened the door for Muslims to be called a “religion of faith and peace.”

* Clearly embraced all pagan religions of the world and made them acceptable to Western mindset.

* Elevated the religious world, “when united” to be seen as the only instrument of peace. This pope has

 made “world peace” the gospel of the twenty-first century.

* He has succeeded in preparing almost every political entity on the planet to pay homage to him.

* Rome is suddenly the center of the universe, and will be for days to come and for the soon coming

 seven years of hell on earth.

* The mainline churches have totally succumbed to the Roman system of religion.

* The Evangelicals are on the verge of complete collapse into the arms of the Catholic embrace of death.

* The Charismatics have long ago become a tool of Rome. No group has done more to bridge the chasm

of truth and error.

* Pope John Paul II has made Mary worship acceptable within the whole church except Bible believing


* Images, statues, icons, liturgical fanfare in worship, and other Catholic designs were only acceptable in extremely

 liberal churches before this pope. Today Roman styles and designs have flooded the church world.

* The Catholic Church has from her beginning embraced other religious doctrines and ideals, and


them as a means to reach into the world cultures. Bible believers have always rejected such compromise

until the last two or three decades.


* Finally this pope has deceived the church world to go back to the Bible of Catholic design. The Alexandrian

 texts and manuscripts were Catholic from the beginning and have now become the text of choice in almost

 every Christian college and university on the face of the earth. This is the final accomplishment in making this

“Harlot” the “Mother of Harlots.”

            Joseph Chambers has addressed, to substantiate, each of these claims at length. This was published in

 “The End Times and Victorious Living” If you want to get the specifics of each of these, and we recommend

that those who are serious students do, you can contact Paw Creek Ministries, 5110 Tuckaseegee Road,

Charlotte, North Carolina, 28208, or phone U.S.A. 704-391-0588. Their e-mail address is 

Ask for a copy of the March-April 2005 publication.

            The claims of Dr. Chambers are substantially accurate. We say “substantially” because many of the

things he credits to the late pope were already a work in progress when he ascended to the throne of the Popes,

and because we actually consider that this list should be considered a short list, not an exhaustive one. The Roman

Church is working on a long term “game plan” to recover and extend its world domination. We agree with Dr. Chambers

 that this last pope has a been a central figure in bringing the world closer to the One World Religion the Antichrist will

need to work his evil. The talents of Pope John Paul II were key to where the world stands in relation to the coming

Great Tribulation today.3.

Question:  Catholics teach Mary was eternally a virgin. Didn’t Jesus have brothers and sisters (siblings)?"

The Bible never gives an exact count, but Jesus siblings are mentioned in several Bible verses.  Matthew 12:46,

Luke 8:19, and Mark 3:31 say that Jesus’ mother and brothers came to see Him.  Jesus had four brothers: James, Joseph,

Simon, and Judas (Matthew 13:55).  Jesus also had sisters but they are not named or numbered (Matthew 13:55-56).

In John 7:1-10, His brothers go on to the festival. In Acts 1:14, His brothers and mother prayed to Him. Later in Galatians

1:19, it mentions that James was Jesus’ brother.  The most natural conclusion of these passages is to interpret that Jesus had

 actual blood siblings. There is no Biblical reason to believe that these siblings are not the actual children of Mary and Joseph.

 They were obviously born after Jesus, because Jesus was born of a virgin (Isaiah 7:14; Luke 1:26-38).


Question: Who wrote the New Testament? Why not accept the Apocrypha, Gnostic Gospels, or the Gospel

of Thomas?

There are solid reasons for trusting in today's list of New Testament books and rejecting the Catholic

included apocryphal books as well as other spurious books of antiquity.

The Gospel writers Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were previously mentioned as credible sources, two

of them having been Jesus’ closest followers. The other New Testament authors were considered

trustworthy as well: James and Jude (half-brothers of Jesus, who by the way did not initially believe

 in Him), Peter (one of the 12 apostles), and Saul of Tarsus (whom Jesus made an apostle after His death and resurrection).

The church knew about these men and their relationship to Jesus. Moreover, what they wrote was

consistent with what people had heard and seen themselves regarding Jesus, and had passed on to their

children. When other books were written and appeared hundreds of years later (e.g., the Gospel of Peter,

though Peter had long since died), it wasn't difficult for the church to spot them as phonies, as forgeries.

Another example is the Gospel of Thomas (which


Mohammed references in the Koran). The Gospel of Thomas was written around 140 A.D., long after Thomas

 had died. Though it bore some similarities to the New Testament's authentic Gospel of Matthew, it also contained

 wildly different messages. The descriptions of Jesus did not fit anything the early church knew to be true of Him.

Our examples, which show the contrast between the New Testament Gospels and the Gospel of Thomas, follow:

Throughout New Testament Gospels, Jesus treats women with dignity atypical to Middle Eastern culture. Jesus

 taught women as well as men, spoke against unfair divorce laws, was kind toward women of even questionable

 character, and appeared first to women after his resurrection, entrusting them with the message that he was alive.

 Jesus’ respect toward women cut against cultural norms, and was an issue that angered the religious leaders.

Yet the Gospel of Thomas contains a completely contradictory statement attributed to Jesus: "Let Mary go

away from us, because women are not worthy of life." And: "For every woman who makes herself male will

 enter into the kingdom of heaven." Books like the Gospel of Thomas were written and circulated among the

 early church, it was not difficult for people to discern the forgeries. Texts, like these and the gnostic gospels,

attacked well known teachings of Jesus as well as the Old Testament, often containing numerous historical and

geographical errors.

An official list of New Testament books became necessary for the following reasons:

(1) As Christians were being martyred books were being destroyed so there was a need to determine which ones to protect;

(2) In translating the books into Syriac and Old Latin, a listing of authoritative books was important;

(3) False books and false teachings were always challenging the church and leadership needed to be clear.

In A.D. 367, Athanasius formally listed the 27 New Testament books (the same list that we have today). Soon after,

Jerome and Augustine circulated this same list.

            Roman Catholicism adds apocrypha to their bible to promote false teachings beneficial to them as a religious

power. These were not accepted by the faithful church they persecuted.


Question: Catholicism teaches praying to Mary and Saints. Does the Bible say about doing this?

Here are some of the issues to consider regarding this topic of praying to saints, angels, and Mary instead of to God alone.
(1) We are told to pray to God the Father (Elohim) (Luke 11:1-2; Matthew 6:6-9; Philippians 4:6; Acts 8:22; Luke 10:2).

(2) There is only the repeated example of two things in Scripture:

(a)    Prayer is made to the Lord alone (by righteous people) (Romans 10:1; Romans 15:30; Acts 12:5; Acts 10:2;

Acts 8:24; Acts 1:24; Zechariah 8:21-22; Jonah 2:7; 4:2)

(b)   Requests for prayer are made only to the living (1Thessalonians 5:25; 2Thessalonians 3:1; Hebrews 13:18).

(3) We are never told to communicate with the dead (even with prayer requests). When Saul tried to communicate with

Samuel, it was deemed an evil thing, not a good thing (those who support praying to the saints may say it was only deemed

 evil because of the manner in which he sought to do it...through witchcraft). It is interesting to note that Samuel told Saul

 that if God wasn't listening to him, there was nothing that he could do then either

(1 Samuel 28:16).

(4) We are never told to pray to angels. When people had occasion to talk with any angel besides the Angel of the

Lord and tried to worship them, they were told to stop and worship God alone (Revelation 19:10; 22:9; Colossians 2:18).

(5) We are never told that the dead know what is going on the earth (some think it is possible based on one interpretation

 of Hebrews 12:1).

(6) God alone is omniscient and omnipresent. He alone can hear a multitude of prayers simultaneously. He is the one who

 commands angels and sends them to do His bidding (Dan. 9:20-23).

(7) Angels (Daniel 9:20-23) and the spirits of the dead remain finite (Luke 16:19f.), limited to one location at a time.


(8) The Catholic’s statement that they go to angels, saints, and Mary to ask for prayer is not consistent with the normal

practice of asking for prayer. For example, in the saying of the Rosary the large majority of the time is spent in devotion to

 Mary and then they ask her to pray for them now and at the hour of their death (they pray this same prayer 50 times).

Whereas, when I ask someone to pray for me, I don't ask them over and over and over again minute after minute. Rather,

I ask them to pray and then should be spending my time on my knees before the Lord not before them.

(9) God promised to hear us when we ask anything according to His will (1John 5:14-15; 1 Peter 3:12). He entreats us to

come boldly unto the throne of grace (His throne) that we may find grace and help in time of need (Hebrews 4:14).

(10) God promised us that the Holy Spirit makes intercession for us according to the will of the Lord with groaning that

 cannot be uttered (Romans 8:26). Considering such truths, why do we need to go through a saint, angel or Mary, especially

considering the fact that neither the example of doing so, nor the command of doing it is ever given in Scripture? The Catholic

Church cites the example of the wedding feast (John 2) as an example of Mary getting Jesus to do something for others and

 uses that as a proof text for prayer to her. It is ridiculous to use this example to support such a doctrine when it flies in the

 face of the many other admonitions and examples of praying to God alone.

Therefore, not only is it contrary to Scriptural admonitions to pray to God and Scriptural example to pray to Mary,

but it is illogical to substitute praying to an all-loving, omniscient, and omnipotent Father who invites us to come before

His throne because He is completely acquainted with all of our doings (Psalm 139) to pray to some saint who can

only listen to one conversation at a time (all the time not ever being sure if the saints in heaven know what is taking

 place in our lives here on earth).

His Word says that there is one Almighty and one Mediator between Him and man, the Lord Jesus Christ (Messiah)

(1Timothy 2:5). Let us then come to the Father through His work on the cross of Calvary, not only for salvation,

but also for our needs as well (Hebrews 4:14).


Question: What is the Immaculate Conception, which Roman Catholicism teaches?

Many people mistakenly believe the “Immaculate Conception” refers to the conception of the Lord Jesus. Jesus’

conception was most assuredly immaculate, but the Roman Catholic concept does not refer to Jesus at all. The Immaculate

 Conception is a doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church in regards to Mary, the Man Jesus’ mother. An official statement

of the doctrine reads, “…the blessed Virgin Mary to have been, from the first instant of her conception, by a singular grace

and privilege of Almighty God, in view of the merits of Adonai Yeshua the Savior of Mankind, preserved free from all stain of

original sin.”

Essentially the Immaculate Conception is the belief that Mary was protected from original sin, that Mary did not

have a sin nature. Some go so far as to teach that Mary was, in fact, sinless.

The problem with the doctrine of Immaculate Conception is that it is not taught in the Bible. The Bible nowhere

describes Mary as anything but an ordinary human female whom God chose to be the mother of the Lord Jesus.

Mary was undoubtedly a godly woman (Luke 1:28). Mary was surely a wonderful wife and mother. Jesus definitely

loved and cherished His mother (John 19:27). But the Bible gives us no reason to believe Mary was sinless.

In fact, the Bible gives us every reason to believe that Jesus is the only Person who never committed a sin (Ecclesiastes

 7:20; Romans 3:23; 2 Corinthians 5:21; 1 Peter 2:22; 1 John 3:5).

The doctrine of the Immaculate Conception originated out of confusion over how Jesus could be born sinless if He

 was conceived inside of a sinful human female. The thought is Jesus would have inherited a sin nature from Mary

 had she been a sinner. In contrast to Immaculate Conception, the Biblical solution to this problem is understanding

the sin nature is inherited from the father, for in Adam all are sinners. Therefore, Mary being sinless is neither

necessary nor Biblical.

So, the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception is neither Biblical nor necessary. Jesus was miraculously conceived

inside Mary, who was a virgin at the time. That is the Biblical concept of the virgin birth. The Bible does not even

hint that there was


anything significant about Mary’s conception. If we examine this concept logically, Mary’s mother would have to be

immaculately conceived as well. Which is what the Roman Catholic Church sometimes teaches. How could Mary

 be conceived without sin if her mother was sinful? But wouldn’t the same have to be said of Mary’s grandmother,

great-grandmother, and so on. You see how this error like any lie snowballs? So, in conclusion, the Immaculate

Conception is not a Biblical teaching. The Bible teaches the preplanned, prophesied miraculous virginal conception

 of Jesus, not the Immaculate Conception of Mary.


Question: In a Bible study with some friends they were quoting from books I had never heard of.

They couldn’t tell me why these books were in their American Bible but not in my King James.

One of the books was called First Maccabee. Do you know about this book?

The bible you’re referring to is the well-known Catholic Bible. This bible contains the Apocrypha,

meaning hidden, spurious.

In modern times, some have deceptively referred to these books as "the Lost Books of the Bible."

(They have also added other ancient manuscripts to the list.) But in actuality these books had not

been lost. Christians and Jews have always known about them. The name Apocrypha was given to

certain ancient books, which found a place in the LXX. and Latin Vulgate versions of the Old Testament

 used by Catholics today. They are not accepted as Scripture by most Protestants or Jews, and certainly

 not by faithful Baptists. They were appended to all the great Bible translations made from documents

 in the sixteenth century. However, they should not be regarded in any sense as parts of the inspired Word.

The King James translators certainly did not for they refused to apply the same translation standard to

 them as they did to the true books of the Bible.

Why are they not accepted? For one reason they are not once quoted by the New Testament writers,

who frequently quote from the LXX. Jesus and his disciples confirmed by their authority the canon, which

was the same as we have today. These books


were written not in Hebrew but in Greek, and during the "period of silence," from the time of Malachi, after which

 direct revelations from God ceased till the Christian era. The contents of the books themselves show that they are

 not part of Scripture.
In the Old Testament Apocrypha you will find fourteen books. Thy are the following: the Books of the Maccabees,

the Books of Esdras, the Book of Wisdom, the Book of Baruch, the Book of Esther, Ecclesiasticus, Tobit, Judith, etc.

Others include: Bel and the Dragon (addition to Daniel), Daniel and Susanna (addition to Daniel), Additions to Esther,

Letter of Jeremiah, Prayer of Azariah (addition to Daniel), The Prayer of Manasseh, Psalm 151, Sirach, Tobit, and The

 Wisdom of Solomon. Ancient Jewish writers and rabbis did not accept them as Scripture and neither should we.

There were over 300 books for the early church fathers to pick from when they were canonizing the bible

 we have today. Many of those books are not in this list and might be read with interest, but not taken as

from God.


Question: I heard a preacher say that the Great Whore in Revelation 17 was the Roman Catholic Church.

I asked friends about this and they said that this was known because the place called Babylon in Revelation

 is the city set on seven hills. Is this true, and if so how do we know that it is?


Answer: There has never been any difficulty on the part of enlightened believers in identifying the woman sitting upon

 the scarlet colored beast with the Romish religion, anymore than there is difficulty in identifying the city spoken of as

 being that Rome located in Italy. Verse 9 of that chapter seems to indicate that understanding is reserved for the mind

that has wisdom, which explains why this simple truth is hidden from many.

            Concerning the location of the woman, the matter is made plain for there has never been any city more famous

 than Rome for its founding on seven hills. So famed is this fact that other cities so situated have often taken the name

of the ancient city as their own. Pagan poets and orators, who had no thought of supporting Biblical prophecy have alike

 characterized Rome as the seven hilled city. The ancient poet Virgil said “…Rome has thus


become the most beautiful (city) in the world, and alone has surrounded for herself seven heights with a wall.” Propertius

(50-16 B.C.) wrote a description supporting the apocalyptic picture when he remarked that Rome governed the whole

world. Roman citizens habitually used reference to the “seven-hilled city” as a descriptive substitute for the proper name.

 The philosopher/poet Horace (65-8 B.C.) said, “The gods…(demonic beings worshipped by pagans) have set their affections

on the seven hills.” You will note that these preceded the time of Christ and that they affirmed the interpretation that the

 reference in Revelation 17 is to Rome, Italy. Such references have had a continuing survival down into even modern history

 and though some have tried to cloud the matter, the identification continues to this day.

            It is also easy to show that the Church, which has its headquarters in that place might also easily be called Babylon

as well. Alexander Hislop remarked “it is the chief seat of idolatry under the New Testament, as the ancient Babylon was the

chief seat of idolatry under the Old.” Modern commentators have made much of the fact that first century Christians were in the

 habit of referring to Rome as Babylon, but we are not knowledgeable with any certainty how well they understood, apart from

 the teaching of the Holy Spirit, how well the paganism of ancient Babylon was to be transposed into the religion whose seat

was in Rome.

            Popery has been called baptized paganism, but from the very infancy of modern archaeology it began to be abundantly

clear, especially with discoveries in Iraq that the paganism of Rome had all the essentials of the ancient literal Babylon.

This is perhaps why there have been so many occasions when the region has been closed to the explorer into antiquities.

Satan himself may have fought to see that not too much was revealed. But the language and symbols of the Book of Revelation

 should have prepared us to not be amazed at the goodly amount we have been able to learn.

            I am not the first to observe that the name being written on her forehead might indicate God intended for the matter

 to be plain before judgment would overtake her. How much more plain that might be is yet to be seen.



Question: I have heard it said that the Roman Catholic Church was anti-Semitic, yet there has been a lot of

reaching out to the State of Israel by the Catholic Church during the last few years. Is Roman Catholicism

anti-Semitic, and if so, what is going on?


Answer: The Roman Church has been anti-Semitic since even before it became married to the world in the fourth century.

The expression “Christ killers” has been one they have trumpeted many times over the centuries. No group suffered any

greater persecution during the terrible years of the Inquisition than the Jewish people. The reason there has been a reaching

out to the Jewish State is because the popes down through history have longed to possess Jerusalem as their own, and they

 are getting ready for the last great attempt to do so.

            Rome has open theology and closed theology. There is some theological positions that are proclaimed and then there

 are some beliefs that are held in secret by those who know the true religion of the Roman Catholic Church. Part of the open

 theology of Rome, that which has been taught and continues to be taught is a belief called “Replacement Theology.”

Replacement theology is the doctrinal belief that the true Christian Church has taken Israel’s place forever and is now the

recipients of all the promises once made to the Nation of Israel.

            Those who hold to Replacement Theology necessarily have to believe that Israel as a distinct people or as a specific

nation has no longer a place prophetically in God’s great scheme of things. In other words Israel has no right to the land,

especially Jerusalem, and the Roman Church has every right to all of that because they are, according to them, the one true

 church. As a practical matter we can see how much the government of the Roman Catholic Church might expand if it had

all the land God promised Israel and controlled Jerusalem as well.

            The ultimate end of Replacement Theology is hatred and contempt for the Jewish people. To hold to this belief one

has to spiritualize or allegorize the Scriptures instead of taking it literally. But, this belief is insidious, having been held by a

 number of deviant groups from the true faith once delivered to the saints.


                The success of the late Pope John Paul II efforts to appeal Israel was displayed when the decision was made to name a Galilee park
after him. Israel’s desperation to have friends in this world was plain in the decision to honor Pope John Paul II for his friendship towards the
 Jewish people by naming this park after him and by striking a postage stamp in his memory. This is an important event because it gives us a 
view to how the false prophet and the Antichrist spoken of in prophecy might work together to deceive the Jewish people during the time of 
Tribulation yet to come.
                The park located at the Mount of Beatitudes in Galilee, where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount, soon to be dedicated to Pope 
John Paul II at the time of this writing gives the Catholic Church a modern, and friendly, imprint on the land. In 2000, during his historic visit 
to the Holy Land, the pontiff had celebrated Mass at the site overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Such a positive physical imprint is contrary to
 most of the history of this land’s relationship with the Catholic Church and will serve them a continuing psychological purpose. During the 
Crusades, Jews often found their treatment from the Catholic Crusaders, influenced by the warrior monks to be more cruel than the treatment
 received from the Moslems they had been living among for centuries.


Question: In Revelation 17, the Great Whore of verse 1, presumed to be the Roman Catholic Church, is called the Mother of Harlots. What would qualify Rome as the Mother of Harlots?


Answer: A harlot is a woman, who by definition, has prostituted herself for gain. Let us look at how the Bible says this Great Whore has prostituted herself. Verse two says she has committed fornication with the kings of the world and made the inhabitants of the world drunk with the wine of her fornication. Fornication is by definition any sort of impure sexual sin. Let us look at Rome’s sin.

In Rome’s case we are not talking about a physical sexuality but a spiritual sexuality because God’s Church is characterized as His Bride. To compromise on the teachings of Christ; to make them a marketable commodity, salable for the right price; to get in league with the kings of this world for nefarious purposes: all these and more are ways that Rome has made a whore out of herself. These are facts of history that would take many pages in even a brief telling. A good outline is to be found in any Halley’s Bible Handbook published before the Billy Graham Association got control of it. (a story in itself)

To be the Mother of Harlots the church would have had to produce offspring that has similar character to hers. This is in fact the case. Though there might be many good people, some who even love the Lord, in the offspring religious bodies of Rome, that came out of the Reformation, many of these failed in not making their separation complete. Even the Anglican Church, which separated from Rome separately from the Reformation, has the harlot character, being first tied to the British kings and queens of Great Britain.

Lutheranism never made its break complete and its decline is a good example of how one continues to slip down when one does not fully purge out the old leaven. In Germany, the birthplace of the Lutheran Church, the State still collects the tithe from Lutheran and Catholic Church members removing all semblance of worship from the act of giving. This alone is spiritual fornication denying God worship in tithes and offerings.

The greatest way spiritual harlotry can take place is in the


altering of the way of salvation. This has been done by making salvation the province of the church instead of God. It is the plain teaching of the Catholic Church that there is no salvation outside of the Catholic Church. But the offer of salvation is made through submission to them instead of surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ and the receiving of His salvation as a free gift. Her harlot children have followed her lead in making their salvation primarily a works based membership systems full of ritual observances just like their parent.

            Another way in which spiritual fornication is taking place in these latter days is in giving credibility and acceptance to the religions of this world. The Roman world started out incorporating the practices of false religions into her system wherever she went and continues now in these last days in trying to draw these worldly religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam to her bosom. Some have included these religions as being also the harlot daughters Rome is mother of. If we consider that Roman Catholicism is the continuation of the oldest false religion known to man, the religion instituted by Nimrod’s wife, then they have a point.

            So we see that Roman Catholicism is imminently qualified as the Mother of Harlots historically, and even more so as we see the end of the age approaching.


Question: I have heard that some churches are coming to an agreement with Roman Catholicism over the worship of Mary. The Anglican Church seems to be leading the way in this. How can this be?


Answer: For their to be a compromise of the Anglican Church with Rome over this issue after nearly 500 hundred years of “intense” division means that someone has to compromise their stand. Since the Church of Rome has been progressively becoming more and more open about their secret theology of Mary as Queen of Heaven, the Mother of God (not Jesus the Man), and Co-Mediatrix with Christ it follows that the ones doing the compromising are the leaders of the Anglican Church.



            The devotion of Catholicism to their “Blessed and Eternal Virgin,” who is really not the mother of Jesus revealed in the Bible, is displayed in the thousands of statues and shrines around the world. This devotion is contrary to the teaching of Scripture and out of all proportion concerning what the Scripture says about the lady. Not only that it is contrary to the teaching of the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments, which teach against the making of “other gods” (including goddesses) as well the making of idols and idol worship. (See the Ten Commandments)

            Just in the month of May, 2005, a new document titled “Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ” was published which included the statement “We do not consider the practice of asking Mary and the Saints to pray for us is communion dividing…we believe that there is no continuing theological reason for ecclesiastical division on these matters.” You might well ask yourself three questions concerning this statement from a commission that began working toward reunification in the 1960s:

1. If there is no continuing theological reason for division, what has happened to make there be no further reason for division?

The answer would be that someone had abandoned or compromised on their original belief.

2. Why would it be that a practice that was once communion dividing is no longer so?

Again it would be that there are those who do not love their doctrine nearly so well as those who have died for their faith in the past, so they are willing to surrender it.

3. If the problem is so easily resolved, why did it take the better part of half a century to resolve it once they began talks?

The answer is it took that long for the mystery of iniquity spoken of in the Scripture to get them to the point of compromise.

            The Roman Catholic Church has progressively become even more open about its secret theology through the years. It was in 1854, a very short time ago in the Catholic scheme of things that they formally declared Mary as free from the stain of original sin from the moment of her conception. And, more recently in 1950, officially declared her assumption, body and soul, into heaven at the end of her life. Pope John Paul II would have gone even farther had he not been restrained by the Cardinals to get this compromise.


Question: There seems to be a lot of stories about Mary making appearances in various places around the world. Someone told me these appearances were increasing, and there were other miraculous events as well. Surely there must be something to this.


Answer: There is something to many of these appearances, which should more appropriately be called apparitions. But that does not mean that what is going on is from God, or that it is something God’s people should be involving themselves with.

One Catholic Internet site lists some 112 apparitions of Jesus and Mary since 1347 A.D. Newsweek said in 1997 that there had been more than four hundred apparitions of Mary in the 20th century, more than all the previous three centuries combined. The French periodical Le Monde actually estimated that the number of apparitions between 1976 and 1986 at 21,000. In fairness to the Roman Catholic listing, we must disclose they lump continuing apparitions in one location into one listing, even though they might happen again and again over a number of years. But having said that we must consider that Roman Catholic leadership does not want the critical thinker about these things to realize how many, and how wide spread these visitations are.

            The phenomenon is not taking place in predominantly Catholic countries anymore but in places like Japan, Iraq, Egypt, and Syria. France, which has become a hotbed of occult practice, has 937 pilgrimage shrines. The message, of the many Marian appearances, is not consistent with the Gospel message of the Bible, but is accepting of all religions. The claim that she, “The Queen of Heaven,” is going to usher in a new era of peace is not in keeping with the expectation of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, but is consistent with the belief in a false prophet who will be in league with the person known as Antichrist.

            Miracles seem to really occur along with these appearances. There have not only been healings, which are not only documented in Christianity, but are well known among occult practitioners; there have been other kinds of miraculous events as well. One of the most famous “miracles” of the 20th century was


the one that occurred at the Fatima Shrine on 13 October 1917. One that day 70,000 eyewitnesses claimed they saw the sun fall toward the earth and then return to its normal position in the sky. The symbolism of this event should not be overlooked since the sun figures prominently in much cultic and occultic worship. Since then the “Miracle of the Sun” has occurred at a number of apparition sites. It happened before 100,000 in Puerto Rico 23 April 1991, on the 38th anniversary of apparition there. Again on 5 March 1993 it happened again in the Philippines before 300,000. According to sources it has occurred at least four times in the United States. One even happened in my home State in Conyers, Georgia. I do not think all this is mass hysteria, neither do I think it comes from God.

            The new Pope, Benedict XVI, formerly known as Cardinal Ratzinger, while head of the Roman Catholic Church’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), declared that, "one of the signs of our times is that the announcements of ‘Marian Apparitions’ are multiplying all over the world." In that position he was the “enforcer” for Catholic doctrine. Since he has become Pope he has dedicated his papacy to Mary. The Mary of the apparitions, not the Mary who was the mother of Jesus, but the Mary who claims to be “Mother of God, Queen of Heaven.”

            What we have been talking about is the greatest display of paranormal activity in human history. There are a great many people who would like for us all to take these events as a matter of faith but the Word of God teaches us to try the spirits to see whether they be of God, 1John 4:1. Messages derived from apparitions at sites approved by the Catholic Church have been consistently contrary to the Word of God but in keeping with Rome’s true religion of worship for the Queen of Heaven, a religion begun by Nimrod’s wife who is known sometimes as Semiramis and at other times as Ashtarte.




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