How to Identify a Faithful Church


1. The Gospel is being preached.

2. The King James Bible is being used exclusively.

3. The deacons are active participants in the ministry of the church.

4. The pastor is not afraid to preach on tough issues including those that have touched the lives of the membership.

5. Besides the regular services of a church such as Sunday worship and Wednesday prayer, other activities are going on during the week

6. Counseling (both formal and informal) is available to help those who have need.

7. The ordnances of the church are faithfully and reverently ministered on a regular basis, and the people are instructed on their meaning.

8. The church is often opened for people to come in to pray in a quiet refuge, especially in times of local or national distress.

9. During worship people can move to the “altar” or “mourners bench” and pray without any surprise to the membership.

10. There is an absence of distractions from worship in the decoration of the sanctuary.

11. Church member never leave visitors confused or uncertain when moving about the facility. They are friendly.

12. The church sign identifies the church for who it is. The denomination, hence the core beliefs of the church are plain.

13. Members become reverent and prepare for worship when the time for the service approaches without prompting.

14. Members of the church spend time talking with one another when the services are concluded.

15. The church has a vibrant religious education program for both children and adults, which includes life preparation classes.

16. The church is active in both missionary activity and acts of benevolence. People know what the church is doing.

17. The pastor is known and respected in the community. (Respect is different than being liked. He may not be liked but he must be respected for the soundness of his speech and behavior.)

18. The music of worship praises God and extols His virtues. The musicians are there to worship God, not promote themselves.

19. Ministers in the church have assigned areas of responsibility and are accountable to the pastor.

20. The pastor has enunciated a vision for the church, and the deacons and church staff understand what it is.

21. If the church has a website it gives the church’s mission statement, shows the regular activities of the church, does not promote or link to liberal or dissident groups, and has many useful downloads.

22. The Lord Jesus Christ is central to every activity of the church.

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