The Lesson of Scooter Libby

Dr. Michael L. Ford


            When I was in Law Enforcement I learned to have a profound disdain for U.S. Marshals. My dealings with them, and what I learned from listening to experienced lawmen was that they have a profound problem with attitude and their conception of their own importance. From other officers I also learned by accounts of past events that their idea was the rule of law did not apply to them. Watching history unfold since injury forced my retirement is that the Federal Justice System is afflicted with the same failing I learned to attribute to the Marshals alone during earlier times.

            Martha Stewart’s trial was the first truly national warning that the attitude once reserved for the Mafia now applies to all citizens. (If we cannot get you on what we believe you are guilty of, we will get you on something.) But now there is a new wrinkle added to the mix, I believe, the Mafia did not face. Add to the previous statement the words (…even if we have to manufacture the something.)

Scooter Libby’s trial shows the broad sweep of Federal “justice” also includes political retribution. And, that retribution is owned by the liberal elements that have dominated federal appointments. So a genuine criminal like Sandy Burger, who stole an unknown number of documents from the National Archives to cover up the failings of the Clinton administration, will go free and Scooter Libby is got on “something” even though, like Martha, he could not be “gotten” on what they originally wanted him for.

            Having given testimony in courts of law before, and on several occasions making “formal” oral and written statements of a legal nature, I might be called upon again sometime in the future. I have now made a decision concerning how I will respond to any federal inquiry from law enforcement that should possibly come to me in the future. As soon as a person identifies themselves as a federal lawman of any sort I will refuse to speak to them…at all. Taken into a federal courtroom for any reason I will invoke the Fifth Amendment. It will not matter whether I am a defendant or someone is approaching me trying to get information. You cannot trust the federal law enforcement or judiciary because you never know when they will turn of you for their own purposes.

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