A Little Testimony

Once I was sent to a school for a month. It was not
the first time in my life that I had been away to a
school, but this time I had a particular dread. I
feared being assigned a room with a man that had been
sent to school in the same group from my organization.
You see, I did not like him at all. 

I had prayed and asked the Lord to keep me from being
assigned to room with him for I feared he would be a
distraction from what I had to concentrate on besides
the fact his personality was irritating to me. Guess
what? When room assignments were given he was my

At first I was upset with the Lord that He would allow
this to happen when I wanted so much to honor Him at
the school. Then I began to pray that if God wanted me
to be this man's roommate He would help me to be kind
to him and tolerate his idiosyncrasies. God did more
than that. He made the man my friend for life.

During the time I was at the school I was chosen as
the class commander for the first week by the staff
because of my military background. The last week of
the school I was elected the class commander by the
students. I think that was the working of God to
answer my prayer. Not only had He made me the friend
of the man I dreaded to be with, but He caused
relationships to be developed with a great many of the
student body.

I am convinced that we should always seek God's will
in every situation that we pray about.

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