A Preacherís Prayer

O Lord, Help me to provide for all those that are
dependent on me,
Whether it be for spiritual, or also physical needs.
Keep me be ever mindful that my responsibility to all
is based on my accountability to You.
Help me not to fail from seeking Your Presence, 
And always to be grateful for all that You have

Lord please encourage the hearts of those I serve, who
know You, to pray, and to pray for me.
I ask that they would pray for me that I have
opportunity to speak and speak faithfully of Holy
Even as I pray this also for myself.

Lord, I pray for the ability to be clear in what I
Even as I pray that I should speak what I ought
without fear.
Help my Christian walk to be full of Your wisdom from
on high, and specially as it relates to the unsaved.
I pray to speak with grace and wisdom.

I need Your guidance in all things if I am to be all
that I should with everyone I come in contact with.
I know that only You are sufficient for such things so
it is in Your Holy Name and for Your glory I ask these

This prayer was suggested to me as Dr. Thomas Ward
preached from the 4th chapter of Colossians. Read
verses 1 thru 6.

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