Didn't Paul spend some time in the wilderness after
his conversion on  the Damascus road? If so where is
the scripture for it? It seems I have  read it or
heard it one...I want to be sure. Thanks

Paul, traveling from Jerusalem to Damascus, carried
"letters" from the High Priest. These letters were
addressed to synagogues in Damascus; they gave Paul
the authority, as agent of the Sanhedrin, to carry out
the Inquisition of Christian Jews. These letters would
be recognized by the Jews in Damascus, allowing Paul
freedom to find, bind, and take back to Jerusalem any
individuals he found in Damascus "of this way" (cf.
Acts 9:1, 2; 22:4, 5; 26:10-12).
Paul though was converted enroute to Damascus through
Christ's appearance to him. (keyword Paul’s use of the
word Lord). Following his immersion in and being
filled with the Spirit, he spent some days with the
Christians he had come to Damascus to persecute..
Then, he went to the synagogues in Damascus,  to
proclaim that he himself had come to realize that
Jesus was the Son of God, the very Christ (Acts
	This amazed those who heard him, for they knew what
he had been doing and the intent of his journey from
Jerusalem to Damascus in the first place. Because of
his conversion and was zeal, the Jews in Damascus
"took counsel to kill him" (vv. 20-23).
	Ulike Stephen's ministry which had an untimely end
following his preaching, the Lord had further plans
for Paul. Some Christians in Damascus lowered Paul
over the city wall in a basket (since the city gates
were guarded), and Paul traveled to Jerusalem and
sought to "join himself to the disciples" there. But
until Barnabas' intervened the Christians in Jerusalem
were afraid of him (vv. 24-27).
	Afterward, Paul spoke "boldly in the name of the Lord
Jesus" in Jerusalem, resulting in some Christians in
the city having to take him to Caesarea and then on to
Tarsus, outside the land of Israel (vv. 28-30). It was
after this the Lord led Paul into Arabia and
personally taught him over a period lasting possibly
as long as three years the message which he was to
carry to the Gentiles (Gal. 1:11-19)
	Notice in Acts that Paul is conspicuously absent from
verse thirty of chapter nine to verse twenty-five of
chapter eleven. This period covers several years with
events occurring during this period open the way for
Paul to be reintroduced and begin the ministry to
which he had been called.
	During the period of his absence, the groundwork was
laid for the massive   evangelization of the Gentiles
(10:1ff). Once Paul had been instructed of the Lord
his message ‘only’ needed to be delivered. He is
reintroduced in the book and replaces Peter as the
central person in the early Church through whom God
would then continue His work (13:2ff).

See Ephesians 3:1-11 & Colossians 1:20-29]. – The
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