Bill Maherís Death Wish for Dick Cheney

Dr. Michael L. Ford


The Hollywood comedian Bill Maher expressed his displeasure the other day that the Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney was still alive after a bomb blast in a recent assassination attempt in Afghanistan. He was not alone among the left leaning in wishing that a man he disagreed with had been killed. There was little to no moral outrage for such attitudes from the media, which is dominated by liberal ideas. I have waited to give them enough time to express any moral outrage, but instead they have allowed the story to die.

            Now I ask you, what do you suppose would have been the response if there had been an attempt on the life of someone like homosexual socialist Representative Barney Frank and conservatives expressed regret it failed? I use him as my example since he thought the attempt on Cheney worthy of making wisecracks about. We already know the answer because we have seen examples of the response when some have opened mouth with unchristian remarks in the past.

            HBO host Maher revealed a fundamental difference between people on the political left and people on the political right. The left leaning mass really believes those who disagree with them should be dead. Where most of those on the right believe that in this world there is room for disagreement between people without evil wishes following.

The attitude that permeates their position means they must tolerate and even applaud some of the most evil and irresponsible people occupying positions of honor in their midst. Donít believe me? Look at the backgrounds of people like Teddy Kennedy, who though married, left a party woman to drown when he drunkenly ran his car off a bridge. Look at Jesse Jackson who as a waiter spat in white peopleís food and as a supposed Civil Rights leader extorted money from big business and consorted with some of the worldís most evil anti-Americans. Look at Barney Frank, etcetera.

            The deficiency of the left is both moral and mental. After observing the left leaning for some time I realized that embracing their ideas does not contribute to the spirit of a sound mind. Ill wishing is mentally debilitating as well as morally reprehensible.

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