What Can I Do?


When faced with sanctity of life issues we often feel a sense of hopeless-ness. We see politicians betraying the people who put them in office, by supporting the Abortion mills and bowing down to those who are making money by taking the life of the unborn. We wonder how can we say that abortion is a private matter when over half of the people who receive the abortion clinics services do not leave their facilities alive. How can we let those who do survive (people who could have been mothers but chose rather to kill their babies) continue to be scarred for life, both emotionally and physically because they have been ill advised about the effects of abortion on women? Yet it seems, that we are so alone in crying out that this is not only inappropriate and immoral activity, it is also sin. It is one of the most intimate murders that can be committed by one human being against another. What can we as individuals do to change things?


Pray: This is always the first step and the continuing action that leads to victory over wrongs.

Become educated: You can not adequately stand up for the issue unless you understand what is involved.

Educate Others: As you learn, share what you know with others; friends, acquaintances, family members.

Invite people: To hear the pastor when he is preaching on sanctity of life others.

Organize: Either join with or initiate a group who are concerned in the community.

Get involved: In ministry to unwed mothers and people engaging in improper sexual behavior. Be concerned for what the youth are being exposed to, especially in the public school system.

Speak to your doctor: Find out his opinion on the abortion issue. Let him know yours. Can a man who does not hold life sacred be trusted with your medical care?

Who are you state and national legislature members? What is their voting record on pro-life issues. Let them know their voting record will have an effect on your voting record.

Write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper: Be factual and courteous. If the local newspaper does not print pro-life letters call them up and ask them why? Put an ad in the local paper. Newspapers are more responsive to their advertisers.

Become involved in a crisis pregnancy center: Their are many needs in such places.

See how you can work in or help improve: The ministry of the church in this area.

Collect testimonies of people who were adopted: Collect the success stories of people who might have been aborted, if the mother had not chosen an alternative.

See how your clubs or civic group is responding to the abortion issue: Encourage the group to take a pro-life stand.

Provide a pro-life billboard in your community: This can be done by an individual or by a group working together.

Expose school administration to sex education material teaching chastity:

Know what is being used in the school. "True Love Waits" and "Sex Respect" curriculum is recommended by the SBC Home Mission Board.

Planned Parenthood is trying to infiltrate the local school system: Make it plain to school administration they must provide you equal time to present the balanced viewpoint. Use only the best and most organized people when you go in.

Provide a local Pastor with a gift of Pro-life books for his library. This will help other Christians rally their churches to the cause.

Give away pamphlets: Samples are available from the Home Mission Board's Alternatives to Abortion Ministries Office.

Get informed and stay informed on family issues: The family is under constant challenge from movements and legislation that tries to stay un-exposed until it has done it's evil work.

Keep you church informed on family issues: Ours is a partnership in ministry. The Pastor and Minister of Education try to stay abreast of issues, but it takes all the people pulling together to be succesful.




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