Abortion - For Three Transgressions and For Four


Michael L. Ford, Th.D.


            Several years have passed since I last taught the book of Amos. Yet, I have found what the Lord gave that prophet was so rich, my thoughts have returned to what the prophet had to say many times in various situations. Such was the case one night when Reba Bishop, founder of Life Decision Ministries, was sharing her testimony and work to save the unborn child. One of the indictments Amos brought from God (1:13) against a people was "they had ripped up the woman with child...that they might enlarge their border." That is exactly what is happening in out nation today.

            We Christians have proclaimed many times that the unborn child is not merely a lump of tissue, but a living human being. Yet people have ignored that fact. They have ignored the Scripture that says a child is a person whose formation God supervises in the womb. They have ignored the scientific evidence that undergirds the truth a child is a separate person from the mother even while in her body. Forty-two percent of all women who have a first abortion still return to murder another baby in her womb.[1] Without a doubt abortion has been murder on a scale that has made twentieth century villains like Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Idi Amin seem amateurs by comparison.

            It has been interesting how the media has ignored the scandal of the misnamed abortion clinics. Supposedly one reason abortion was made legal was to end unsafe abortions. These facilities, properly called 'aboratoriums,' are the places where many young women end their lives, and countless more become so permanently physically damaged they are unable either to conceive or carry a baby to term. If this level of death and damage were occurring in any other kind of medical procedure across our land, the media would try to spearhead a public outcry. Covered up is the fact the aboratorium is not a medical facility. The back alley abortion has now legally moved on to main street.

            But what about the motive behind the establishment of these aboratoriums, often portrayed as family planning centers? The real motive is money. It is through the accumulation of money that people in this modern age expand their borders. The people who run the abortion mills are doing it for money. They are ripping babies from mothers wombs to gain wealth.

            Many women who have undergone the abortion procedure have told me how alone they felt while going through the abortion mill. They have also recounted the pain their bodies endured. Years later, they are often still in mental and emotional pain from the day they were exposed and their babies torn from their wombs. I have seen no other suffering of the mind to compare with it, unless it was that suffered by some soldiers exposed to the horrors of combat and massive human destruction.

            Frequently people who claim to be for killing the unborn have said we Christians who call abortion murder are unkind. I have even been called unchristian. People have never liked hearing the truth when it interfered with their sin or their income. The reason Christians have to speak out on this issue is because we have real love. We love not only the aborted child, but also the mother who takes her child's life. We even love the men and women who operate the abortion mills. We want those who do not die in these things to repent of their sins and come to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. Only then can they find peace for their hurting hearts in God's forgiveness.

            Today, with the money gained from the slaughter of unborn innocents, the people involved in promoting abortion have bought the power of the government. More and more they are coming down on people who cry loud that God will punish for this sin. Persecution has never made the true church of the Living God change its message. It will make it stronger.

            God said by His prophet Amos, "For three transgressions and for four," He would not "turn away the punishment thereof." Today the transgression of abortion is numbered in millions. A day of accounting is coming. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God.


[1]Statistic provided by Reba Bishop; Life Decision Ministries, 770-646-7779. The indictment is my own.

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