The Sphinx


People all over the world have looked at the Sphinx and wondered about it. There has been endless speculation and ideas offered by many men. Some have been pretty good, reflecting what was considered the best thinking of their day. Other ideas have been pretty dumb even to the ears of the most uninitiated. Like others who love archaeology, I sometimes formulate ideas of my own. So today, I indulge myself a little bit and present a speculation instead of a sound Biblical meditation. I hope the reader will see that this musing is really not some wild idea standing out somewhere in left field, but that it does have some Scriptural basis from which it is formed.


A short number of years ago a new theory was formulated by a scientist about the Sphinx. This theory was that the Sphinx was much older than had been previously thought and that it predated Egyptian culture. In this theory, the Sphinx was not built by the Pharoah Chephren or Khafre, but had been renovated by him with his head being carved in replacement of a larger head that was seriously damaged. The new theory has not been very popular among traditionalist because it would reflect a lone artifact from about 7500 years ago that would not agree with thee current theories of people who believe in evolution. Yet there is physical evidence that the history of the Sphinx is much older and much different from the pyramids themselves.


An individual by the name of Robert Schoch, who is supposed to be an expert on water erosion formulated the theory that the Sphinx had been eroded by torrential rains over a long period of time. This required a different climate than what has been known to exist in Egypt during the last four thousand years. This was another argument for the Sphinx being much older than the pyramids. I think Dr. Schoch was almost right, but that he missed the boat, just like those who have tried to keep Sphinx a product of the pyramid builders.


What do I think? My theory is simply this. The Sphinx predates the flood. The water erosion that is evidenced on the Sphinx was caused by the flood over a period of forty days of rain and a year of hydrodynamic action that eroded the structure and finally left all but the head buried in the flood deposit. The damage to the head defaced the fact that this figure represented the missing cherub from before the throne of God who also represented the reptilian kingdom upon the earth. In short the original head was a hooded (like a serpent) reptilian face. The memory of that hood was preserved in the headdress of Egypt. Yes, I think the Sphinx had been inspired or ordered built by Satan before the flood in his own likeness.


I hope my faithful readers will forgive me my speculative indulgence this day. I promise not to make it a habit.

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