Humanism Notes


John Phillips in his book Exploring Revelation makes these remarks:


…take the spread of humanistic philosophy. Humanism has taken deep root in the Western world. It is a secular religion with many similarities to communism. It emphasizes (This list tells what these ideas believe or hold to be true.):

·        Evolution - There is no real evidence that God exists. The universe is the result of chance. Life forms gradually emerged over millions of years.

·        Situation Ethics - Man is the final authority for his own actions. There are no absolute rules.

·        Moral freedom - Everyone including (children of any age) should be exposed to all viewpoints that are "realistic," including profanity, immorality, and perverson. - all seen as acceptable methods of self expression. The Christian Gospel is not realistic, so has no place in the system.

·        Self sufficiency - Man is not accountable to any higher power. He is responsible to himself.

·        Sexual permissiveness - All forms of sexual expression are acceptable and should be taught in schools free from biblical bias.

·        Anti-religious bias - Religion is harmful. It is either meaningless or irrelevant to the question of the survival or fulfillment of the human race.

·        Socialism - Government ownership or control of the economy should replace private interprose and private ownership of property. There should be an all-pervasive welfare state.

·        One world government - "Global citizenship" should replace national self determination. There should be a system of world law, enforced by an international police force transcending national federal government.

·        Death education - There is no life beyond the grave. Euthanasia should be employed and suicide endorsed as acceptable ways to terminate life.

·        Human destiny - Man should take charge of his own future and realize that he has within himself the power to achieve the world of his dreams.


This creed is verbalized in the Humanist Manifesto, first drawn up in 1933 and updated in 1973. This creed is now being taught to millions in our public schools by teachers who perceive their roles in the classroom as that of missionaries of the humanist religion. The creed pervades our government , our courts, our educational institutions, our media, and our liberal churches. It is a creed tailor made for the coming of Antichrist. It is preparing the world for the breaking of seals when all restraints will be removed and when global upheavals will prepare the final path for the world government of the Devil's Messiah.

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