What does Captain Maynulet and Michael Schiavo Have in Common?

6 April 2005


Many have never heard of Capt. Rogelio "Roger" Maynulet, but there are few people who have not heard of Michael Schiavo. Captain Maynulet, a decorated veteran of Bosnia was court-martialed for shooting a terminal Iraqi driver in the head in Kufa, South of Baghdad May 21st 2004 as an act of mercy. Michael Schiavo also volitionally terminated a life as a supposed act of mercy. Here the resemblance ended.

Captain Maynulet killed a terrorist, Michael Schiavo killed a wife. Captain Maynulet had nothing to gain by what he thought an act of kindness on the battlefield. Michael Schiavo had everything to gain, including some think, the final hiding of his sins from the long arm of the law.

Captain Maynulet was court-martialed and lost his army career as the result of his act, and criticized by his superiors. Michael Schiavo was supported by a runaway judiciary, and applauded by liberal politicians and media for his actions.

Maj. John Rothwell told the six-member jury before they retreated to deliberate "You commit a serious crime, you are out of the Army… This is not what we do here,…What kind of institution does the U.S. Army become if assault with the intent to commit voluntary manslaughter is an honorable act?" The judges that heard the Schiavo case declared murder an honorable act. U.S. citizens are once again left to ponder what kind of institution its legal system has become after the way they treated Terri Sdhiavo.

People are often critical of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. I lived under it directly for over twenty years, and as a retired professional am still subject to it under certain conditions. It is a rough code but a certain and straightforward one that I think is much fairer than the legal system Americans have to deal with since liberal judges have perverted and made a mockery of the United States’ system of laws.

Captain Maynulet’s story will pass into oblivion for most of the population, but Michael Schiavo’s story has made every infirm person who doubts the love of relatives nervous.

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