A Lesson from the Past

Arenít we grateful that the 53% of  professing Evangelical Christians who supposedly told TIME Magazine that itís okay to starve Terri Schiavo were not defending our nation in 1945?

American Christians Could Learn from the Marines of Iwo Jima
On the beaches of Iwo Jima, the mortality rate was the highest for any battle in Marine Corps history. Entire batallions were wiped out, some experiencing 75% casualties. Men were cut into pieces. Many suffered unimaginable pain and were wounded with little hope of survival.
But even under the worst circumstances, the men of the United States Marine Corps (with the aid of heroic Navy Corpsman) were 100% committed to rescuing every man, regardless of injury or life potential. They were committed to recovering every body, even at great risk to the living. Every life (and every body) was precious, regardless of injury or hope of survival of the wounded.
Terri Schiavo committed no crime and never stood trial. But, because of the efforts of an unrepentant, adulterous husband with financial interest
in her death and a politically motivated probate judge, she was executed in a cruel and unusual manner, and without legitimate process of law, contrary to the United States and Florida constitutions.

Taken and adapted from Daveís Blog.


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