Stay the Course Is a Plan
Dr. Michael L. Ford
25 June 2006

	Lately I have been hearing a lot of the nattering
nabobs of negativism say “stay the course is not a
plan.” I have heard it said till I am at the point of
utter frustration with the neigh-sayers in the same
way I would be if I were to hear a high school student
continually insist that two plus two equals three. No
matter how you look at it the conclusion falls way
short of the mark.
	Until the people who did not believe “Staying the
Course Is a Plan” corrupted education, every student
knew staying the course of diligent application to
studies was how you graduated from High School. Even
now, you must stay the course of being in the school
to get passed through the system. It took me
twenty-six years from the time I started my college
education till I finally achieved my educational
goals. I stayed the course. Long-term projects require
a special commitment to staying the course, so when
one meets with obstacles he does not allow them to
keep him permanently detoured from his goal.
	Every soldier knows, except perhaps for those who
cannot explain their medals, that staying the course
is an essential part of achievement. Boot Camp is the
first lesson in staying the course. And, the forced
march under full field pack, where sometimes the next
step is a commitment in itself, teaches that staying
the course is the only way to pride in oneself. If the
American military did not have people committed to
staying the course there would be no Airborne troops,
no Rangers, no Special Forces, no Marines, no Navy
Seals, or Tactical Air Controllers. It’s a good thing
that there are still some people in this world
committed to staying the course.
	People uncommitted to perseverance brought us to
failure in Vietnam. Immoral, dishonest people need no
commitment. But, they would like to make others as
themselves. We always seem to have around a few
cowards who would have surrendered the free world to
Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, or some other
devil incarnate. Such people dishonor all who gave
their all for the highest ideals and were faithful
even unto death. The reason they are against
perseverance is found in their own weakness so that
they must fabricate honors others earn.

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