Tammy Skinner
Dr. Michael L. Ford
21 October 2006

	Did you know in many states if you were to strike a
woman with your car and kill her unborn child as she
was crossing the street to go into an abortion clinic
you could be charged with the death of that baby and
be put into prison? It is also against Levitical law
to cause the death of an unborn child. But apparently
it was not against the law in the State of Virginia
for a woman to put a gun to her belly and pull the
trigger, killing her own unborn child.
	People have reported that Tammy Skinner was
depressed. I have studied how depressed people can
become suicidal and opt in an act of self-love to end
their discomfort. But Miss Skinner became homicidal.
Nothing I have read indicates she ever had any intent
of killing herself, but she was acting in self-love,
not motherly love to put on end to her own discomfort
and future obligation to the result of her fecundity. 
	When a person acts in a way contrary to good sense
and moral correctness in a fit of emotional extreme
they are unaware that they have behaved incorrectly.
Tammy Skinner knew what she had done was morally
wrong. The reason I know this is because she lied
about what happened in the initial reports. She lied
until the police uncovered the truth and confronted
her with it. It was only then that she confessed what
had happened and was charged with murdering her child
and using a gun in the commission of a felony. As far
as I can determine, she was never charged with
attempted suicide, which is a crime in many States.
	Tammy Skinner had the charges against her dismissed
by the judge because technically no crime had taken
place in the eyes of Virginia law. While it might be
illegal to kill a baby by someone, such as the errant
driver I mentioned, it was not illegal for the mother
to kill the unborn baby, just as it was not illegal
for the abortionist to do so. Does something strike
you as foolish or absurd in this reasoning? The idea
is that an unborn baby is more or less a person
depending on who is killing it! Now does that make
sense? Thank God, that there is an ultimate judgment
that none will escape because of minds corrupted by

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