Pelosian Ethics
Dr. Michael L. Ford
9 April 2007

	Frankly I am not concerned about whether Speaker of
the House violated the Logan Act of 1798 or not. The
past Presidents of the United States, like the recent
one, have so consistently failed to enforce it that
the statute has no meaning. They allow people like
Sandy Burger to steal with impunity and jump on some
little thief from the National Archives when he
follows their bad example. Most of the time when
someone big in the government wants to “get someone”
they “sic” the IRS on them.
	Speaker Pelosi has joined an elite group of people
who think they are somehow entitled to speak for the
United States to foreign powers without being elected
to the Chief Executive position by the people or
appointed as Secretary of State. Just a few of these
are Billy Carter, past president “Jimmy” Carter, the
Reverend Jesse Jackson, Cynthia McKinney, and Pastor
Rick Warren. All of these people in my opinion have
the same ethical failure. But since, for each one the
failure is a personal one, it must be characterized in
a personal manner. So, Pelosi has Pelosian Ethics and
Billy Carter had Billybobbian Ethics. What they are
going to do depends on their own delusions of self
entitlement to act.
	Madame Pelosi did not become confused about which
office she had won when elected Speaker of the House.
Her ethical shortcomings did not spring into existence
with an inflated ego when her status was suddenly
elevated beyond all past experience. Position gave her
opportunity to expose the attitude that the world
should go along with any authority she should deign to
assume, but it was already present and has shown up in
the past. But, at what exact point in life any person
suddenly wakes with the false belief “life is all
about me” cannot be so readily determined.
	The influence of evolutionary thinking might well
play a role with its teaching of the “Survival of the
Fittest,” but I think the problem is even bigger. We
have been producing people who live apart from any
idea of ultimate accountability for some time. And,
our product looks down upon its fellow humans as less
evolved than their self. In this present time it is
not surprising to find people who’s idea of what is
right happens to be whatever they say it is.

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